MPF Systems Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of MPF Systems?

Here are some of the key offerings of MPF Systems, also known as MPF Group, primarily focused on the automotive industry:

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Precision Metal Components: MPF Systems makes metal parts for cars. They make stamped parts, machined parts, and assemblies for engines, transmissions, chassis, and interiors.

Tooling and Molds: The company makes tools and molds for car parts. These tools are essential for making the parts well and quickly.

Engineering and Design Services: MPF Systems helps design and improve car parts. They offer services like CAD CAM design, prototyping, and value engineering to make products work better and cost less.

Surface Treatment and Coatings: The company provides surface treatments and coatings to make car parts last longer, resist rust, and look better. They use methods like plating, painting, powder coating, and other special coatings.

Assembly and Integration: MPF Systems assembles and integrates automotive components and systems. They assemble parts for more extensive or sub-assemblies based on customer requirements and quality standards.

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Supply Chain Management: The company helps manage the supply chain for automotive products. It ensures that materials and components are bought on time, inventory is well managed, and logistics are optimized for efficient production and delivery.

Quality Assurance and Testing: They focus on quality assurance and testing to ensure that their products meet high standards and regulations, such as inspecting, testing, and validating products during manufacturing.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of MPF Systems?

The promotors of MPF Systems Ltd include Kirti Salvi, Nitin Oza, Loknath Suryanarayana Mishra, Poonam Sharma and Sushama Anuj Yadav. Poonam Sharma is the company secretary of MPF Systems Ltd.

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