Mphasis Ltd. Company Profile : Products,Promoters and Cleints

Company Overview: Mphasis Ltd is a leading IT solutions provider offering a wide range of services and products to address the complex needs of global enterprises. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, Mphasis leverages advanced technologies to deliver comprehensive solutions across various industries.

Q1.What are the Products and Services offerings of the Company?

1.Application Services

Mphasis delivers end-to-end application development and maintenance services, ensuring robust, scalable, and business-aligned applications.


Secure and transparent blockchain solutions for various industries, enhancing trust and operational efficiency.

3.Business Process Services

Optimizing operations, improving customer experience, and driving business growth through comprehensive business process outsourcing services.


Leveraging AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to transform business operations, making them more intelligent and responsive.

5.Cyber Security

Advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect enterprises from evolving threats, ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance.

6.DevOps and DevOps Automation Services

Supporting organizations in adopting DevOps methodologies and automating processes to promote faster delivery cycles, improved collaboration, and continuous improvement.


Utilizing artificial intelligence to drive innovation, improve decision-making, and enhance operational efficiency across various business functions.


Comprehensive digital transformation solutions, including the Next-gen IT Operations and X2C^2 TM Framework, to drive customer-centric digital transformation and cognitive automation.

9.Enterprise Automation

Streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity through robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation.

10.Experience Design

Offering end-to-end design services, ensuring products and services are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly.

11.Governance, Risk & Compliance

Ensuring regulatory compliance and effective risk management through robust governance frameworks and solutions.

12.Infrastructure Services

Providing comprehensive infrastructure management services, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions, to enhance IT agility and cost efficiency.


Modernizing legacy systems and applications to improve performance, scalability, and integration with modern technologies.

14.Next-gen Data

Advanced data management and analytics solutions to drive insights, improve decision-making, and enhance business performance.

15.Agile IT Operations

Enhancing IT efficiency through agile methodologies, automation, AI, and advanced analytics.

16.Product Engineering

Offering comprehensive product engineering services from concept to production, including hardware and software development, systems integration, and lifecycle management.

17.Platforms & Protocols - XAAP

Innovative platforms and protocols, including the XAAP framework, to support scalable and flexible IT solutions.

18.Microsoft COE

Specialized consulting and services for Microsoft technologies, enhancing business processes and productivity.

19.Salesforce Consulting and Services COE

Expert consulting and implementation services for Salesforce, driving customer relationship management and business growth.

20.Cloud Services

Comprehensive cloud services, including migration, management, and optimization for various cloud platforms:

  • AWS Services: Leveraging Amazon Web Services for scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud solutions.
  • Azure Services: Utilizing Microsoft Azure for robust cloud infrastructure and services.
  • GCP Services: Harnessing Google Cloud Platform for innovative cloud solutions and services.
  • VMware Tanzu Services: Implementing VMware Tanzu for modern application development and cloud-native operations.


Q2.Who are the Promoters of the Company ?

Mr. Davinder Singh Brar, Chairman of Mphasis since 2015, brings extensive experience from roles in companies like Maruti Suzuki India Limited and Wockhardt Limited. With a background in electrical engineering and management, he has contributed significantly to Mphasis' strategic direction.

Nitin Rakesh, CEO and Managing Director of Mphasis since 2017, has led transformative initiatives like the C= X2C2 =1TM formula, driving hyper-personalization and digital transformation. With expertise in IT services and a focus on sectors like banking and insurance, his leadership has propelled Mphasis to record deal wins and stock price growth.

Q3.What are the Major Clients of the Company ?

Mphasis boasts a diverse client portfolio comprising leading global enterprises and technology giants. Among its major clients are Adobe Solutions, AWS, Apigee, Cloudera, Cloudmaize, Blue Prism, DXC Technology, Equinox, Salesforce, and SAP. These partnerships span various domains, from IT services and digital transformation to cloud solutions, API management, data analytics, automation, CRM, ERP, and business process solutions, cementing Mphasis' position as a trusted provider of comprehensive technology services and solutions.