NewJaisa Technologies Business Update, Titagarh Rail Systems Partnership And Kore Digital Order

NewJaisa Technologies Ltd.

Recent filing: (BUSINESS UPDATE) NewJaisa Technologies Ltd. has announced that it recorded its highest ever sales during the Diwali month since inception.

What are the products and  services of NewJaisa Technologies?

The NewJaisa Technologies Company specializes in providing an end-to-end reverse supply chain for IT assets, primarily focusing on laptops, desktops and peripherals. Their core business model involves procuring used IT assets, refurbishing them to a condition close to new, and selling them directly to end-user customers, including business and retail customers. They aim to reduce e-waste by extending the life of IT equipment and offering high-quality computing devices with warranties at affordable prices.

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Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd.

Recent filing: (PARTNERSHIP) ABB and Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd. have formed a strategic partnership to supply propulsion systems for metro rolling stock projects in India. The partnership has already had an early success by winning orders to design and supply equipment for metro coaches for the state of Gujarat. The partnership covers an agreement for Titagarh to purchase ABB propulsion systems including traction converters, auxiliary converters, traction motors and TCMS software. It also includes securing the manufacturing rights and production license for traction motors along with the complete transfer of technology of the GoA 4 (Driverless metro) TCMS software from ABB to Titagarh.

What are the products and  services of Titagarh Rail Systems?

Company caters to passenger rolling stock including trains range expands to include electric propulsion equipment such as traction motors and vehicle control systems. Titagarh Rail Systems also designs and manufactures wagons such as container flats grain hoppers, cement wagons, clinker wagons tank wagons.

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Kore Digital Ltd.

Recent filing: (ORDER) Kore Digital Ltd. has received work order worth INR 35.8 Cr from Navayuga Engineering Company Limited (NECL), the flagship entity of the Navayuga Group, an engineering and core infrastructure company. Work is expected to be completed by March 2024.

What are the products and  services of Kore Digital?

Kore Digital is a passive telecommunication infrastructure provider based in Maharashtra. Their primary focus is on installing and commissioning poles, towers and optical fiber cable systems in the region.

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