Oriana Power And Genus Power Infrastructure Order, Kfin Technologies Bulk Deals

Oriana Power Ltd.

Recent filing: (ORDER) Oriana Power has received orders of total worth INR 17.53 Cr from Cement (2.75 MW), Textile (0.65 MW) and Packaging (0.53 MW) Industries for floating, ground mounted and rooftop solar power project respectively. Projects need to be completed in FY24.

SUMMARY: 3y Operating Profit uptrend | PE 89.2x (Sector PE range 30-50) | Institution buying | Clean Energy

  • Mcap of INR 1,026 Crore (share price = INR 535 / share) (as on 18th Dec ’23)
  • TTM PE 89.2x (as on 18th Dec ’23) Retail float = 11.3% (Sep-23)

What are the Products and Services of Droneacharya Aerial Innovations?

Oriana Power  Ltd. is a company that specializes in providing solar energy solutions to industrial and commercial customers. It offers low carbon energy solutions by installing on-site solar projects such as rooftop and ground-mounted systems, as well as off-site solar farms i.e. Open access. The business operations are divided into two segments: Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO).

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Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd.

Recent filing: (ORDER) Company wins order worth INR 1,026 Cr for appointment of Advanced Metering Infrastructure Service Providers with FMS of about a million Smart Prepaid Meters, system meters including DT Meters with corresponding energy accounting on DBFOOT basis. Since July 2023, the Company has secured a total of 7 orders, amounting to INR 16,185 Cr. With the addition of the current order, the total order book has now surpassed INR 20,000 Cr.

SUMMARY: 2y Operating Profit uptrend | PE 73.7x (Sector PE range 30-70) | Orderbook of INR 20,000 Cr | Partnerships | Fund raise | Smart Meter

  • MCap of INR 6,118 Crore (share price = INR 237 / share) (as on 18th Dec ‘23)
  • TTM PE of 73.7x (as on 15th Dec ‘23) Retail float = 14.2% (Sep-23)

What are the Products and Services of Genus Power Infrastructure?

Genus Power Infrastructure Limited has two business divisions offering highly innovative and sustainable solutions to the power sector. The products and solutions provided by the company includes Metering, Engineering, Construction & Contracts and Hybrid Microcircuits.

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Kfin Technologies Ltd.

Recent filing: (BULK DEALS) Several bulk deals took place at INR 500 per share. General Atlantic Singapore Fund (part of Promoter Group) sold 1.7 Cr shares worth INR 850 Cr. Buyers included: Unifi Capital (25L shares worth INR 125 Cr), Societe Generale (22.6L shares worth INR 113 Cr), ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund (13.8L shares worth INR 69 Cr) and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance (9L shares worth INR 45 Cr).

SUMMARY: 5y Operating Profit uptrend | 1q Operating Profit uptrend | PE 40.6x (Sector PE range 20-50) | Excellent Sep-23 results | Institution buying | Product launch | Partnerships | Acquisitions | SaaS

  • MCap of INR 8,750 Crore (share price = INR 514 / share) (as on 18th Dec ’23)
  • TTM PE of 40.6x (as on 18th Dec ’23) Retail float = 3.0% (Sep-23)

What are the Products and Services of Genus Power Infrastructure?

Kfin Technologies Ltd. serves the mission-critical needs of asset managers with clients spanning mutual funds, AIFs (alternative investments), pension, wealth managers and corporates in India and abroad. The Company provides SaaS based end-to-end transaction management, channel management, compliance solutions, data analytics and various other digital services to asset managers across segments, as well as outsourcing services for global players.

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