Rajiv Khanna and Dolly Khanna’s Remarkable Journey in Indian Investing

Who is Rajiv Khanna and Dolly Khanna?

In the world of investing, a well-known figure, Dolly Khanna is frequently praised for her skill at choosing multi-bagger stocks. The fact that Dolly Khanna is a homemaker, nevertheless, would surprise a lot of people. Her husband Rajiv Khanna is the primary reason behind their prosperous investing career. 

However, the Khanna couple, Rajiv and Dolly Khanna, have quietly carved their niche as successful investors. They live in Chennai. Their Journey started from humble beginnings to become well-known figures in India's investment landscape. 

Before starting his own business, Rajiv Khanna studied engineering at IIT Madras and obtained expertise at two distinct firms. 

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Early life and Hurdles

Mr. Rajiv Khanna's journey into the financial world began with a solid educational foundation. He belongs to a family with a judiciary background in Punjab, his early life involved constant moves due to his father's profession every 2-3 years. He completed his secondary education in Delhi, Rajiv set his sights on the prestigious IIT and successfully secured a spot in IIT Madras in 1986, despite being an average student. This marked the beginning of a journey.

Following his stint at IIT, Rajiv faced the challenges of unemployment after a series of interviews yielded no positive response for 6 months. Undeterred, he immersed himself in learning German during this period. Eventually, he received a call for the position of management trainee at Jagatjit, a liquor company. He worked with them for eleven months. He gained valuable experience and exposure. This stint was a turning point, providing him with insights into the business world. After this, he served in ICI in Gomia. He worked there for around 8 years. 

In 1980, he finally decided to start something of his own. He ventured into the Kwality ice cream business, inspired by his wife's family business in Calcutta. He started it in Madras as the location, where he acquired a modest 3000 sq ft shed. He faced numerous challenges but persistently worked hard. By 1983, he also established another factory in Bangalore.

In 1993-94, Hindustan Unilever entered the ice cream industry. Due to this, he sold his business to them in 1995 at less than his sales. This transition left him depressed for two months, during which he did not even deposit the check he had received.

After this, at the age of around 50, he initiated a milk plant in Tamil Nadu. This shows that age is just a number. He faced challenges in the milk plant setup as well. Despite encountering obstacles in the milk powder plant, his positive mindset enabled him to overcome challenges. Simultaneously, Hindustan Unilever approached him, offering factories to produce ice cream for them.

Throughout his life, he faced moments of financial strain, experiencing times when he felt on the verge of collapse. From his experiences, he emphasizes the importance of branding over the product, asserting that brands dominate business and create lasting impact.

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Dolly and Rajiv Khanna Investment Journey

In 1997, he made an initial investment in Satyam Computer, reaping profits and considering it a stroke of genius. It's interesting to note that his neighbour's son was employed at Satyam at the time, which contributed to his decision to invest in the particular company. He made significant profits from his investments in Satyam and other tech stocks during the dot-com bubble. 

Rajiv immersed money in the exhilarating world of tech stocks, captivated by the industry's booming success. Unbeknownst to him, the market was teetering on the edge of overvaluation. When the inevitable tech crash unfolded in 2000, Rajiv, though mentally shaken by the industry's abrupt downturn, emerged unscathed financially. His astute investment decisions had yielded gains exceeding 300%, shielding him from the financial fallout that befell many during the turbulent times. After his near-miss, Rajiv sold all of his stocks and returned to a fixed income. He decided to not invest anymore.

But in 2003, he visited in the Unitech corporate office to purchase an apartment in Delhi. He liked the company and after research, he invested Rs. 5 lakhs in Unitech stock. It was his comeback in the investment world. He made Rs. 25 Cr in profit in a few years. Despite the stock market meltdown in 2008, he was able to recover his money before the collapse.

From 2003 to 2007, Rajiv enjoyed success in his investment career, only to face a substantial setback after the 2008 financial crisis, losing 75% of his wealth. Undeterred, he returned to the market in 2009, showcasing resilience and a belief in the power of rebound.

Khanna profited from the boom in mid-cap and small-cap stocks in 2016–17, but when market cycles shifted, suffered some losses.

He advises waiting patiently and not panicking during market downturns. Rather than waste time searching for winners, he thinks it is better to immediately eliminate losing stocks. He advises children to make the most of their potential. Success is measured by hard labour rather than money.



Dolly Khanna's Role:

Dolly Khanna, often celebrated for her stock-picking prowess, is the unsung hero behind the scenes. A homemaker by profession, Dolly Khanna's family background in business and her husband's experiences laid the foundation for their joint investment journey. Despite facing losses, her unwavering support and trust in Rajiv's decisions became a cornerstone of their success. Rajiv Khanna says he also lost his wife's money, but she never asked him where he invested and what was happening. Rather she always supported him.

What is Dolly Rajeev Khanna's net worth?

According to corporate shareholdings disclosed for December, 2023, Rajeev Khanna publicly owns 1 stock with a net worth above Rs 16.8 Cr, and Dolly Khanna is the public owner of 18 stocks with a net worth of more than Rs  Rs. 526.5 Cr. 


Rajiv and Dolly Khanna's journey from a small ice cream business to becoming well-known investors is a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and belief in learning from mistakes. Their story inspires aspiring investors, emphasising the importance of a systematic approach, a diversified portfolio, and the unwavering support of a trusted partner. In a world where passive investing is gaining popularity, Rajiv Khanna's active approach stands as a compelling case for those willing to embrace risk and learn from their experiences. He also showed the world that age is just a number, if you have desire you can achieve anything.





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