Rossell India Limited Company Profile:Porducts,Promoters and Clients

Rossell India Limited 

Rossell Techsys is the Aerospace and Defence division of Rossell India Limited, established in May 2011, to provide services to global OEMs that desire on-quality and on-budget commitments, offering an experience of the very best in wire harness solutions, electronic systems, test solutions and product support.

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Q1.What are the product offerings of the company?

EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems): ROSSELL's cutting-edge EWIS solutions ensure seamless electrical connectivity, adhering to the highest industry standards for safety and efficiency. Clients can rely on ROSSELL for optimized integration and dependable performance.

ESSI (Electrical System Safety Integration): Safety remains paramount in any electrical system. ROSSELL's ESSI solutions seamlessly integrate safety measures into clients' electrical infrastructure, ensuring compliance and instilling confidence.

Panels and Racks: ROSSELL offers a range of robust panels and racks designed to organize and protect electrical components. From distribution panels to custom rack solutions, ROSSELL provides the foundational support for clients' electrical systems.

Test Solutions: Clients can ensure the integrity and functionality of their electrical systems with ROSSELL's advanced test solutions. ROSSELL's comprehensive testing services and equipment guarantee reliability and performance in diverse operating conditions.

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Q2.Who are the clients of the company?

Its clients are Defence Public Sector Undertakings, Defence Research and Development Organization, Indian Defence Forces and foreign OEMs in the A&D sector. 

Q3.Who is the promoter of the company?

Harsh Mohan Gupta is the Promoter Director of the Company since its inception in 1994. 

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