RTS Power Corporation Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of RTS Power Corporation?

RTS Power Corporation is a significant player in the electrical engineering industry. It provides various products and services for power generation, transmission, and distribution. Let's take a closer look at what it offers.

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1- Transformers

RTS Power Corporation makes different transformers essential for controlling voltage in power systems.

  • Power Transformers: These devices help change voltage levels in power networks for better long-distance transmission.
  • Distribution Transformers: This equipment provides electricity to homes, businesses, and factories by reducing high voltages to lower levels for distribution.
  • Dry Type Transformers: Air-cooled transformers are better for indoor areas and commercial buildings because they use air instead of liquid like traditional transformers.
  • Special Purpose Transformers: Custom transformers are made for different uses, like rectifier transformers for changing AC to DC and furnace transformers for heating in industries.

2- Cables

RTS Power Corporation offers many different cables for different uses.

  • Power Cables: High-voltage cables carry electricity from power plants to substations and distribution points.
  • Control Cables: These are used in automation and control systems to carry control signals for regulating machinery and equipment.
  • Instrumentation Cables: These cables transmit weak signals accurately and without interference, which is essential for precise measurement systems.
  • Special Cables: The company make special cables for industries that need them. These cables work well in harsh conditions and are reliable.

3- Conductors

RTS Power Corporation makes different types of conductors for overhead power lines.

  • ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced): It is commonly used in overhead power lines because it is strong and light.
  • AAC (All Aluminum Conductor): Used in cities for short distances and high conductivity.
  • AAAC (All Aluminum Alloy Conductor): It is more substantial and conducts electricity better than AAC, so it can be used in many ways.

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4- EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Services

  • Substation Construction: This involves designing, building, and installing transformers, switchgear, and other necessary equipment.
  • Transmission Line Construction: They construct tall power lines, erecting towers and hanging wires.
  • Project Management: Ensuring power projects are completed on time and meet quality standards by carefully planning and executing them.

5- Maintenance and Support Services

  • Transformer Maintenance: Regularly service and maintain transformers to prevent breakdowns and make them last longer.
  • Cable Testing and Diagnosis: They use advanced methods to quickly find and fix cable problems, so they work well.
  • Upgradation and Retrofitting: Upgrade old electrical systems to improve performance and add new technology.

6- Consultancy Services

RTS Power Corporation also provides expert consultancy services, helping clients optimize their electrical systems:

  • System Design: They give expert advice on designing electrical systems to make them work better and safer.
  • Energy Audits: Evaluate energy use and suggest ways to use energy more efficiently and save money.
  • Regulatory Compliance: They make sure all electrical installations meet safety standards to prevent legal issues and enhance safety.

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Question 2: Who are the promoters of RTS Power Corporation?

The promoters of RTS Power Corporation include Abhay Bhutoria (HUF), Abhay Bhutoria, Abhay Transformers Private Limited, Bhanwarlal Bhutoria (HUF), Bhutoria Brothers Private Limited, Bhutoria Investments Private Limited, Bhutoria Transformers & Rectifiers Private Limited, Hemlata Bhutoria, Ladnun Agricultural Farms Private Limited, Rachna Bhutoria, Rajasthan Transformers And Switchgears Private Limited, Rajendra Bhutoria, Rajendra Bhutoria (HUF), Sharad Bhutoria and Sadhna Bhutoria.

Sardul Singh Chairman is the chairman of the company.

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