Sealmatic India Certification, Megatherm Induction Order And Thaai Casting Bulk Deals

Sealmatic India Ltd.

Recent filing: (CERTIFICATION) Sealmatic India Private Limited Company received an important certification from the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel (NBBI). This certification is highly regarded within the industry, particularly in the USA market. With this certification, Company is well-positioned to meet the stringent requirements for selling Pressure Vessels (API 682) in the USA region.

SUMMARY: 4y Operating Profit uptrend | 1 semi-annual Operating Profit uptrend | PE 63.7x (Sector PE range 30-60) | Excellent Sep-23 results | Capacity expansion | Partnerships | Ace Investor | Certifications

  • MCap of INR 761 Crore (share price = INR 841 / share) (as on 26th Feb ‘24)
  • TTM PE of 63.7x (as on 26th Feb ‘24) Retail float = 18.8% (Sep-23)

What are the Products and Services of Sealmatic India ?

Incorporated in 2009, Sealmatic India Private Limited is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of mechanical seals and associated products. Mechanical seals prevents the leak of high pressure fluid into a low pressure liquid. It manufactures a variety of seals like Pusher Seals, Standard Cartridge Seals, Split Seals, etc.

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Megatherm Induction Ltd.

Recent filing: (ORDER) Megatherm Induction Ltd.  has received an order worth INR 24.5 Cr from Rungta Mines Limited for supply, erection, and commissioning of capital goods, to be completed over 6 months.

SUMMARY: 2y Operating Profit uptrend | PE 44.4x (Sector PE range 30-60) | Capacity expansion | Ace Investor | IPO

  • MCap of INR 648 Crore (share price = INR 344 / share) (as on 26th Feb ‘24)
  • TTM PE 44.4x (as on 26th Feb ‘24) Retail float = NA

What are the Products and Services of Megatherm Induction?

Megatherm Induction Ltd. Induction specializes in manufacturing induction heating and melting products, including induction melting furnaces and induction heating equipment. Additionally, it produces various plant and machinery for steel melt shops, such as transformers, ladle refining furnaces, continuous casting machines, and fume extraction systems. The company also manufactures electric arc furnaces for alloys and special steel making industries.

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Thaai Casting Ltd.

Recent filing: (BULK DEAL) Selvamurthy Akilandeswari bought 1.2L shares of Thaai Casting Ltd. at INR 180 each, aggregating to INR 2.1 Cr.

SUMMARY: 3y Operating Profit uptrend | PE 44.3x (Sector PE range 30-50) | Capacity expansion | Ace Investor | IPO

  • MCap of INR 474 Crore (share price = INR 248 / share) (as on 26th Feb ‘24)
  • TTM PE 44.3x(as on 26th Feb ‘24) Retail float = NA

What are the Products and Services of Thaai Casting?

Thaai Casting Ltd. Company specializes in High-Pressure Die Casting, as well as the precision machining of both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials and induction heating and quenching. Company Business model is based on B2B approach, catering to leading entities in the automotive component sector.

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