SecureKloud Technologies Ltd Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Client

Question 1: What are the products and services of SecureKloud Technologies Ltd?

SecureKloud Technologies Ltd. focuses on providing cloud-based solutions to help businesses with digital transformation. It offers various products and services.

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Cloud Solutions: SecureKloud offers different cloud platforms like CloudEdge, DataEdge, Neutral Zone, and Blockedge. These platforms help businesses quickly set up, manage, and secure their cloud systems. CloudEdge helps deploy business applications fast, while Blockedge simplifies managing blockchain apps without needing to code.

Managed Cloud Services: SecureKloud provides managed cloud services to help businesses operate more efficiently in the cloud, save money, and stay up and running. Their services include deploying and moving to the cloud, cutting costs, and managing infrastructure to reduce expenses, increase profits, and lower risks in cloud environments.

Cloud Security and Compliance: The company provides strong cloud security and compliance services. It offers complete solutions to protect against weaknesses, ensure data privacy, and comply with HIPAA, PCI, and SOX regulations. Its security services are built into every part of the cloud system, helping organizations operate securely and meet compliance standards in multiple cloud environments.

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Custom Solutions and Consultations: SecureKloud offers customized solutions for different industries. They help with cloud assessments, strategic planning, and ongoing management.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of SecureKloud Technologies Ltd?

The promoters of SecureKloud Technologies Ltd are Biju Chandran, Roshini Selvakumar, Balasubramanian V, R. Thyagarajan, Srinivas Mahankali, Panchi Samuthirakani, V V Sampath Kumar, Mayakesavan Vijaykumar.

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