Servoteach Industries Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Servotech Industries?

The products and services of Servotech Industries an Indian company specializing in manufacturing and exporting high-quality electrical transformers and other electrical equipment typically include:

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1- Transformers: Here is wide range of electrical transformers, including:

  • Power Transformers: Transformers change high voltage electricity to low voltage or vice versa. They are often used in electrical distribution systems.
  • Distribution Transformers: Distribution transformers supply power to homes, businesses, and factories in electrical networks.
  • Furnace Transformers: Furnace transformers are made for electric arc furnaces used in steelmaking and other industries.
  • Special Purpose Transformers: They can make transformers for different uses, like rectifier transformers, isolation transformers, and auto transformers.

2- Voltage Stabilizers: Servotech Industries offers voltage stabilizers that regulate and stabilize the voltage for electrical equipment. It protects the equipment from voltage fluctuations and ensures consistent performance.

3- Servo Voltage Stabilizers: These voltage stabilizers have servo motors to monitor and adjust voltage output for stable levels, especially in sensitive equipment and industries.

4- Energy Saving Solutions: They offer ways to save energy and lower electricity bills, like efficient transformers and power equipment.

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5- Customized Solutions: Servotech Industries can create custom solutions for clients, like transformers and voltage stabilization systems designed to meet their specific needs.

6- Technical Support and Services: They probably help with setting up, fixing, and maintaining their products to make sure they work well.

7- Export Services: Servotech Industries can export their products to international markets while meeting quality and safety standards.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Servotech Industries?

The promotors of Servoteach Industries Ltd include R S Lahoti, Jyoti Vikas Kasat, Avijit Vasu, Nikita Dharmendra Kothari, and Shivanshi Mishra. Shivanshi Mishra is the company secretary of Servoteach Industries Ltd.

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