Swelect Energy Systems Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Swelect Energy Systems ? 

Swelect Energy Systems is a top renewable energy company in India that offers products and services for solar energy generation and storage.

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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Modules: Swelect Energy Systems makes top-quality solar panels using advanced technology and materials. The panels are available in different types and power levels for homes, businesses, and large solar projects.

Solar Inverters: The company makes inverters for solar panels, which convert solar power into usable power for homes, businesses, and industries. They are made to work well and use energy efficiently.

Solar Mounting Structures: Swelect Energy Systems makes mounting structures and racks for solar panels. These structures securely hold solar panels on rooftops, the ground, or other surfaces that handle wind, snow, and seismic loads while positioning them for the best energy production.

Solar Street Lights: The company makes solar street lights with LED lights, solar panels, batteries, and intelligent control systems using solar power to illuminate streets and public areas at night.

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Solar Water Pumps: Swelect Energy Systems provides solar-powered water pumps for farming, irrigation, and rural water supply. These pumps use solar energy to pump water from wells, boreholes, or surface sources, offering a sustainable and affordable option compared to diesel or electric pumps.

Energy Storage Systems: The company offers energy storage solutions like lithium-ion batteries and battery management systems, which are made during the day for use when there is less sunlight or high demand. These systems help stabilize the power grid, allow for more self-generated energy, and are helpful for off-grid and hybrid solar setups.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC): Swelect Energy Systems provides complete services for solar PV projects, from planning to maintenance.

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Consultancy and Advisory Services: This company offers solar energy advice. It provides information on policies, regulations, market analysis, project feasibility, technology assessment, and energy optimization, helping clients make smart choices in the renewable energy sector.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Swelect Energy Systems ?

The promotors of Swelect Energy Systems Ltd are R Chellappan, N Jayashree, V C Raghunath, Aarthi Balan, G S Samuel, R Sathish Kumar, V C Mirunalini, S Annadurai, K V Nachiappan, S Krishnan., S Iniyan, Ravi Muthusamy, Jayashree Nachiappan, Rishii Nandhan and  Swelect Electronics Private Limited.

Sundaram Annadurai is the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the company, He is also a Director at Green Pearl Education Management Corp. R Sathish Kumar is the company secretary of Swelect Energy Systems Ltd.

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