Sylph Techno Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Sylph Techno?

Sylph Technologies Ltd, incorporated in May 1992, is a leading software technology company in India. The company provides a wide range of software development services and solutions, including outsourcing software development, web development, product development, strategy consulting, offshore software development, and e-commerce for web and mobile enablement. Sylph operates in four main segments: Information Technology, Education, Printing and Publishing Newspapers, and Trading of Solar Power Plant products.Their Products and Services include:

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1. Software Development Services:

  • Outsourcing Software Development: Offering businesses a cost-effective solution by leveraging offshore development teams.
  • Web Development: Creating responsive and user-friendly websites for various business needs.
  • Product Development: Developing software products from the conceptual phase through to deployment.
  • Strategy Consulting: Providing expert advice on technology strategies to enhance business performance.
  • Offshore Software Development: Utilizing offshore resources to deliver high-quality software solutions.

2. Education through IT: Leveraging IT solutions to enhance educational services, initiated around 2010-11.

3. Printing and Publishing Newspapers: Involvement in the traditional printing and publishing sector, ensuring the distribution of news and information.

4. Trading of Solar Power Products: Started trading solar power products in 2018, contributing to renewable energy solutions.

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5. BPO and KPO Services:

  • BPO Services: Business Process Outsourcing services to manage back-office operations and customer-related services.
  • KPO Services: Knowledge Process Outsourcing services, focusing on information-related activities such as market research and data analysis.

6. Warehousing Business: Providing warehousing solutions to manage and store goods efficiently.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Sylph Techno?

1. Pranay Vaid: Managing Director

Pranay Vaid, the Managing Director of Sylph Technologies Limited, holds an MBA in Finance and has over 5 years of experience in business management. He was appointed as the Managing Director on December 24, 2022, after the resignation of the previous Managing Director, Mr. Amarlal Arjandas Kukreja.

2. Minaxi Pareek : Non-Executive Independent Director

Minaxi Pareek serves as a Non-Executive Independent Director at Sylph Technologies Limited. She was appointed to this position on February 16, 2023. Further details about her professional background are not specified in the available sources.

3. Pankaj Kalra: Non-Executive Independent Director

Pankaj Kalra, appointed on December 24, 2022, is a Non-Executive Independent Director at Sylph Technologies Limited. Detailed information about his professional experience is not provided in the available documents.

Written by - Vedant Bohat

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