Tarapur Transformers Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Tarapur Transformers?

Tarapur Transformers Limited makes and fixes transformers and other electrical equipment. They have a variety of products and services.

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1- Power Transformers

  • Oil-Cooled Transformers: These transformers use oil to stay calm and work well. They are made to be efficient and reliable. People often use them in power networks and industries.
  • Dry-Type Transformers: Air-cooled transformers use air to stay calm. They work well indoors and in places where fire safety is essential.

2- Distribution Transformers

  • Pole-Mounted Transformers: These are used to distribute electrical power in homes and rural areas placed on poles for efficient distribution.
  • Pad-Mounted Transformers: These are made for underground power systems used in homes, businesses, and factories.

3- Special Purpose Transformers

  • Furnace Transformers: Made for electric arc and induction furnaces in steel plants and foundries.
  • Rectifier Transformers: This is used in applications that need to change AC to DC, like electrochemical processes and power supplies for DC motors.

4- Distribution and Power Substations

  • Package Substations: Compact and modular substations are used to distribute power efficiently. They have transformers, switchgear, and protective devices.
  • Mobile Substations: These substations are made for temporary power distribution and can be set up quickly for emergencies or temporary power requirements.

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5- Components and Accessories

  • Buchholz Relays: Gas-actuated relays protect transformers and keep them safe.
  • Tap Changers: Devices regulate voltage in transformers by changing how the windings are connected.
  • Cooling Systems: Transformers have cooling systems like radiator fans and oil pumps to work well.

6- Transformer Repair and Refurbishment

  • On-Site Repair Services: Tarapur Transformers provides on-site repair services to fix transformers and reduce downtime quickly.
  • In-House Repair and Refurbishment: They offer repair and refurbishment services at their facilities, such as rewinding, re-insulation, and performance testing.

7- Maintenance Services

  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular maintenance services to ensure the reliable operation of transformers and to prevent potential failures include inspection, testing, oil filtration, and cleaning.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Advanced diagnostic services like DGA and thermographic scanning to predict and fix problems before they cause failures.

8- Testing and Diagnostics

  • Routine Testing: Test transformers to ensure they meet standards and work properly.
  • Condition Monitoring: monitoring services to check the health of transformers and spot any issues.

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9- Installation and Commissioning

  • Installation Services: Install transformers and related equipment professionally, following industry standards and safety rules.
  • Commissioning Services: Services to check that transformers and systems work correctly before use.

10- Technical Support and Consulting

Technical Assistance And Consulting Services: Their team provides technical support for transformer operations, maintenance, and performance. We also offer consulting services to help design, select, and optimize transformer systems for our clients.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Tarapur Transformers?

The promoters are Praful M Dharia, Rajesh Kumar Shahand and Praful M Shah. Anil Mahabir Gupta is the Chairman of Tarapur Transformers and Pooja Soni is the Company Secretary.

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