Taylormade Renewables Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Taylormade Renewables? 

Taylormade Renewables Ltd. (TRL) offer products and services who focuses on creating new solutions for renewable energy and water treatment. 

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1- Solar Thermal Applications:

  • Solar Waste Water Evaporation: Solar-powered systems evaporate wastewater to reduce waste volume and make disposal easier.
  • Solar Hot Water Systems: Solar energy is often used to heat water in homes, businesses, and industries.
  • Solar Cooking Systems: Solar energy is used for cooking in direct and thermic fluid systems to reduce the need for traditional fuels.

2- Water Treatment Solutions:

  • TRL-RAIN and TRL-RAIN ULTRA: Technologies for efficient water purification and treatment, ensuring clean and purify water for safe.
  • Membrane-Based Technologies: Advanced water treatment processes use UF, RO, and NF membranes.
  • Defluoridation and Arsenic Removal: Special processes remove harmful substances like fluoride and arsenic from water to make it safe to drink.
  • Distillation Units: Advanced distillation systems, such as big distilled water plants, purify water.

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3- Other Innovations:

  • Chlorine Dioxide Releasing Polymers: Water disinfection kills germs and makes water safe to drink.
  • Online Domestic Water Purifiers: Solutions are made to give clean drinking water directly to homes.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Taylormade Renewables?

According to the business line, The Promoters of the Company are Dharmendra Gor, Neera Gor, and Jayesh Shah. Dharmendra Gor. is the ​Chairman & Managing Director of Taylormade Renewables.

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