Taylormade Renewables International Accreditation for Water Credit, Apar Industries Fund Raise And Greenlam Industries Increase in Fixed Assets

Taylormade Renewables

Recent filing: (INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION FOR WATER CREDIT) Taylormade Renewables has entered into a Framework Agreement with an Internationally Accredited Aggregator for obtaining and transacting Carbon Credits & Water Credits for Zero Liquid Discharge systems installed by TRL, making TRL the leading company in India to get water credits for its water infrastructure projects. TRL is now working towards becoming an end to end solution provider in the field of WasteWater Treatment right from designing the plant up to providing Water credits for the Treated Water.

What are the Products and Services of Taylormade Renewables?

Taylormade Renewables Limited (TRL) has developed innovative technologies for the treatment of hazardous waste water treatment and making it a Zero Liquide Discharge. Its focus is on solving the most complex water and wastewater problems with innovative and sustainable solutions and help its client to achieve regulatory and environment compliance consistently.

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Apar Industries Ltd.

Recent filing: (FUND RAISE) Pursuant to BoD's of Apar Industries approval for raising funds upto INR 1,000 Cr, the Share Issue Committee of Directors has fixed the floor price for Qualified Institutional Placement at INR 5,540 per share.

What are the Products and Services of Apar Industries?

Incorporated in 1958, APAR Industries is a highly trusted manufacturer and supplier of conductors, a wide variety of cables, speciality oils, polymers and lubricants. The company has grown into a diversified billion dollar company and expanded to over 140 countries.

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Greenlam Industries Ltd.

Recent filing: (INCREASE IN FIXED ASSET) Greenlam Industries Ltd. Company's fixed assets have increased by 71% from INR 517 Cr in Mar-23 to INR 884 Cr in Sep-23.

What are the Products and Services of Greenlam Industries?

Greenlam Industries is one of the largest laminate manufacturing companies in the country, commanding an established position in the organized laminate and veneer segment. The company has two manufacturing facilities in Behror, Rajasthan and Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh. It acquired a laminate manufacturing plant in Gujarat in FY23 and is also undertaking various projects in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, which would enable it to diversify its product profile and geographical presence.

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