Texmaco rail & Engineering Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Texmaco rail & Engineering?

Here's an overview of Texmaco Rail & Engineering Limited products and services:

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Railway Freight Cars: Texmaco makes different types of railway freight cars, like wagons, for carrying bulk items such as coal, iron ore, steel, cement, and petroleum products. These wagons are designed for freight operators and railway authorities to transport goods safely and efficiently on the railway system.

Railway Passenger Coaches: The company makes passenger coaches for trains, such as suburban, metro, and long-distance. The coaches have modern amenities and safety features for a comfortable and safe travel experience. 

Railway Bogies and Components: Texmaco makes parts for trains, such as bogies and wheelsets. Bogies are important for train stability and movement. These bogies are made with advanced materials and techniques to ensure the parts can handle the demands of train travel and keep passengers safe.

Railway Infrastructure Projects: Texmaco works on railway projects like laying tracks, installing signals, adding electricity, and developing stations. They complete solutions for building and updating railways, helping to expand and improve railway networks, and making travel and shipping safer and more efficient.

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Heavy Engineering and Fabrication: Texmaco provides engineering and fabrication services for industries like steel, power, mining, and defense. The company designs, fabricates, machines, assembles, and tests large and complex structures and equipment. 

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Texmaco rail & Engineering ?

According to Business Today, the promotors of Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd include S K Poddar, D H Kela, A K Vijay, Akshay Poddar, D R Karthikeyan, Indajit Mookerjee, Utsav Parekh, Rusha Mitra, VIRENDRA SINHA, Amitabha Guha, Partha S Bhattacharyya.

Mr. Saroj Kumar Poddar is the Chairman of the Adventz group. Adventz Investments and Holdings Limited is the parent company of Exmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd. He is a leading Indian industrialist of international repute. Mr Poddar is also the Chairman of the India-Saudi Arabia Joint Business Council and is a Member of the Indo-French CEO Forum.

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