Thermax Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Thermax Limited ?

Thermax Limited is a top global company that provides a wide range of products and services related to energy and the environment.

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1- Energy Solutions:

Boilers: Thermax offers different types of industrial boilers, such as steam boilers, thermal oil heaters, and hot water generators. These boilers are used in industries such as power generation, oil & gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

Power Plants: They provide complete power plant solutions, including captive, utility, and co-generation plants. These plants use different fuels, such as coal, biomass, and waste heat, to make electricity and steam.

Solar Energy:  Thermax provides solar photovoltaic PV and solar thermal technology for industrial and commercial applications. Their solar products include solar water heaters, solar lighting systems, and solar power plants.

Cooling Solutions:  It includes absorption chillers, heat pumps, and air pollution control equipment for industrial cooling, process cooling, and air conditioning applications.


2- Environment Solutions:

Air Pollution Control: Thermax helps control air pollution by offering solutions for removing particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its products include electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, scrubbers, and catalytic converters.

Water and Waste Solutions: They offer water and wastewater treatment solutions for industries, towns, and housing areas. They provide water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, and solid waste management systems.

Chemicals: Thermax manufactures and supplies chemicals used in water treatment, process applications, and cooling tower treatment. These chemicals improve efficiency, reduce corrosion, and enhance performance in various industrial processes.

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3- Chemicals and Material Solutions:

Ion Exchange Resins: They offer ion exchange resin applications in water treatment, such as demineralization, deionization, and softening.

Performance Chemicals: They provide chemicals for industries to prevent rust, scale buildup, and control bacteria.

Absorption Solutions: Thermax makes remarkable gas absorption and liquid extraction solutions for petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food processing industries.


4- Boiler and Heater Maintenance Services:

Thermax provides maintenance services for boilers, heaters, and related equipment. They offer annual maintenance contracts, upgrades, improvements, and optimization to keep customer's equipment running well.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Thermax Limited Company?

Ms Meher Pudumjee is the Chairperson and promoter of Thermax Ltd. Ashish Bhandari is the current Managing Director & CEO of the Group. 

The company was founded by the late A S Bhathena, who started Wanson (India) in 1966. It was renamed Thermax in 1980, after the founder A S Bhathena retired, and his son-in-law, the late Rohinton D Aga took over as Chairman & Managing Director. The company focused on providing energy and environment solutions.

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