TRF Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of TRF Limited?

Here's an overview of TRF Limited, part of the Tata Group, which offers products and services primarily focused on material handling equipment and solutions for various industries. 

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1- Material Handling Equipment: TRF Limited designs a wide range of material handling equipment, including:

Bulk Material Handling Systems: These systems move and manage large amounts of materials like coal, iron ore, limestone, and cement in industries such as mining, power generation, steel plants, and ports.

Conveyors: TRF Limited makes conveyor systems for moving materials in factories, such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors, and apron feeders.

Crushers and Screens: The company provides crushers and screens for processing raw materials in the mining, quarrying, and construction industries.

Stackers and Reclaimers: TRF Limited makes stackers and reclaimers for storing and retrieving bulk materials like coal and iron ore in storage yards at thermal power plants and steel plants.

Wagon Tipplers: Wagon tipplers help unload bulk materials from train cars. TRF Limited makes wagon tippler systems for different uses.

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2- Customized Solutions: TRF Limited creates custom material handling solutions for clients in various industries. It includes designing, making, installing, and starting equipment to improve material handling.

3- EPC Services: The company can provide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services for material handling projects. They handle the whole project from start to finish.

4- After-Sales Support: TRF Limited offers after-sales support services like maintenance, repair, and spare parts supply for its equipment to keep customers' operations running smoothly.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of TRF Limited?

The promotors of TRF Ltd are Ranaveer Sinha, Ramya Hariharan, Krishnava Satykali Dutt, Ansuman Das, Prasun Banerjee, Avneesh Gupta, Sanjib Nanda and Umesh Kumar Singh. 

Avneesh Gupta is the chairman and Prasun Banerjee is the company secretary of TRF Ltd.

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