Trigyn Technologies Technologies Ltd Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Client 

Question 1: What are the products and services of Trigyn Technologies Ltd?

Trigyn Technologies Ltd offers a wide range of IT solutions and services, particularly aimed at enhancing digital transformation and operational efficiency across various sectors. Here’s an overview of their primary offerings:

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Digital Transformation Solutions: Trigyn provides comprehensive services to drive digital transformation, helping organizations leverage the latest technologies to improve their operations and customer engagement.

Cloud Services: The company offers cloud-based solutions that enable organizations to enhance their IT infrastructure's flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Big Data Analytics: Trigyn helps businesses harness the power of big data to generate insights that drive decision-making and innovation.

Development and Maintenance Services: They offer services ranging from custom application development to modernizing legacy systems, ensuring that business applications are up-to-date, secure, and efficient.

Blockchain Solutions: Trigyn develops blockchain-based applications that increase the speed, security, and efficiency of business processes.

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Intelligent Video Analytics: The company provides solutions that enhance the security and operational efficiency through advanced video analytics.

Smart Cities and IoT Solutions: Trigyn is involved in developing solutions for smart cities, employing IoT technologies to enhance urban living.

E-Governance and Healthcare Solutions: They offer specialized solutions for government and healthcare sectors to improve service delivery and operational capabilities.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Trigyn Technologies Ltd?

The promoters of Trigyn Technologies Ltd are R. Ganapathi, P Raja Mohan Rao, Venkata Cherukuri Varaprasad, Vivek Khare, B R Patil, P Bhavana Rao, A R Ansari, K S Sripathi, Mukesh Tank, Dilip Hanumara, Lakshmi Potluri, Ishwar Halalli, Syed Sultan Ahmed, Vijay Mallya.The Chairman of Trigyn Technologies is R. Ganapathi.