Understanding the impact of India-Maldives conflict on tourism and public relations

The traditionally harmonious India-Maldives relations have hit a snag, causing ripples in diplomatic circles and sparking public outcry. The recent escalation stems from derogatory social media posts against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with implications reaching beyond mere words.

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Diplomatic Downturn

The Maldives' pivot away from its long-standing "India first" stance raises eyebrows, creating diplomatic tensions exacerbated by President Muizzu's call for the withdrawal of Indian military personnel. This, despite India's historical role as the Maldives' first responder during crises, from coups to natural disasters.

Bilateral Cooperation

Delving into the sectors that bind the nations, defense collaboration sees India providing a substantial portion of Maldivian National Defense Force training. Infrastructure and development projects, including the ambitious Greater Male Connectivity Project, showcase India's commitment to the Maldives' progress.

Economic Ties

Economic interdependence has burgeoned, with trade volumes surging fourfold since 2014. India, the Maldives' third-largest trade partner, plays a pivotal role in supplying essential commodities. The State Bank of India's longstanding involvement underscores financial cooperation.In 2022, the total trade volume was USD 501.82 million compared to USD 173.50 million in 2014. The bilateral trade had crossed the USD 300 million mark for the first time in 2021, making India its third largest trade partner, as per Indian government data.

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Tourism Dynamics

Tourism, a cornerstone of the Maldivian economy, showcases the depth of India's impact. Boasting the largest share of tourist arrivals, India's influence is palpable, even weathering the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic. With 2.09 lakh visitors alone in the last year and Indians making the largest no. of international visitors.

Impact of the Row

Beyond diplomatic and economic repercussions, the rift has triggered a significant shift in travel trends. With MakeMyTrip recording a 3400% spike in searches for Indian islands, #ExploreIndianIslands gains traction on social media. This backlash has prompted cancellations of bookings to the Maldives, affecting its tourism-dependent economy.



The India-Maldives row unravels a tapestry woven over decades, highlighting the intricate web of diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties. As both nations navigate these choppy waters, the repercussions extend beyond mere political posturing, hinting at a potential reshaping of alliances and a transformative impact on the Maldives' economic landscape. The story of India and the Maldives, once inseparable partners, now stands at a crossroads, prompting the world to watch closely as the saga unfolds.

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