United Drilling Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of United Drilling?

Here's an overview of United Drilling, a company involved in the drilling industry's products and services:

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Drilling Equipment: United Drilling offers drilling equipment like drill rigs, tools, bits, and accessories. These tools are essential for drilling operations like oil and gas, water wells, geotechnical drilling, and minerals.

Drilling Services: The company offers drilling services to clients in various industries. They provide contract drilling services, using their equipment and expertise, including drilling water wells and exploring natural resources.

Well Construction and Maintenance: United Drilling offers services for building and maintaining wells. They drill wells, install casings and cement, and finish the well for the best production. 

Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling: The company focuses on drilling for geotechnical and environmental purposes. They drill to gather soil and water samples, check underground conditions, and help with environmental assessments for construction or ecological projects.

Consulting and Engineering Services: United Drilling offers consulting and engineering services for drilling operations, including feasibility studies, site assessments, drilling program design, and technical support.  

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Safety and Training Programs: United Drilling may provide safety training for employees and clients due to the dangers of drilling. The training will cover workplace safety, equipment use, emergency response, and following regulations.

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The promotors of United Drilling Tools Ltd include Pramod Kumar Gupta, Krishna Dyal Aggrwal, Kanal Gupta, P Kalyansundaram, Preet Verma, Indra Pal Sharma, and Ved Prakash Mahawar.  

Pramod Kumar Gupta is the chairman and company secretary of United Drilling Tools Ltd. He completed his undergraduate degree from Birla Institute of Technology Mesra.

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