V-Guard Electrical Appliances Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of V-Guard Electrical Appliances?

V-Guard Electrical Appliances offers a wide range of products and services, including:

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Voltage Stabilizers: These devices keep appliances safe by providing a steady voltage supply.

Inverters and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): These give extra power when the electricity goes out, keeping electrical devices running without interruptions.

Solar Water Heaters: V-Guard provides solar water heating solutions that use solar energy to heat water, reducing electricity use.

Solar Power Systems: They offer solar power solutions for homes and businesses, helping customers produce clean energy.

Electric Water Heaters: V-Guard makes electric water heaters in different sizes and styles for homes and businesses.

Fans: V-Guard produces a range of ceiling fans, table fans, and pedestal fans, providing cooling solutions for homes and offices.

Air Coolers: They offer air coolers that provide efficient cooling during hot weather conditions.

Kitchen Appliances: V-Guard manufactures kitchen appliances such as mixer grinders, induction cooktops, and gas stoves.

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Pumps: They make different types of pumps for homes and farms, like submersible, monoblock, and centrifugal pumps.

Cables and Wires: V-Guard makes electrical cables and wires for building wiring.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of V-Guard Electrical Appliances?

The promotors of V-Guard Industries Ltd include Kochouseph Chittilappilly, Mithun K Chittilappilly, C J George, Ramachandran Venkataraman, Cherian N Punnoose, Biju Varkkey, George Muthoot Jacob, Ullas K Kamath, Radha Unni, Vikas Kumar Tak, Ishwar Subramanian and Antony Sebastian K.

Mr Kochouseph Chittilappilly is the founder of V-Guard Industries Ltd. Cherian N Punnoose is the chairman and Vikas Kumar Tak is the company secretary of V-Guard Industries Ltd. Mr Kochouseph Chittilappilly is the founder of V-Guard.

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