Aanchal Ispat Pvt Ltd Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Aanchal Ispat Pvt ?

Aanchal Ispat Pvt. Ltd. makes and sells steel and related products for construction, infrastructure, and industry. They offer a variety of products and services.

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1- Steel Products

  • TMT Bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars): These bars are commonly used in construction because they are strong, flexible, and resistant to rust. They are essential for strengthening concrete structures and making buildings, bridges, and other projects stable and long-lasting.
  • MS Billets (Mild Steel Billets): Aanchal Ispat makes MS billets. These are steel products used in rolling mills to make TMT bars, wire rods, and other steel items. Billets are pure and always the same quality.
  • MS Ingots: MS ingots are a type of semi-finished steel made by casting. They are used to create different steel products because of their consistent composition and strong structure.
  • Structural Steel: This category has different types of steel, like angles, channels, beams, and flats. Structural steel is used to build buildings, industrial structures, and big projects that need strong and long-lasting materials.

2- Industrial Steel Products

  • Wire Rods: Aanchal Ispat manufactures wire rods used in the production of wire, nails, screws, springs, and other industrial products. These rods are known for their strength, flexibility, and ease of processing.
  • Steel Rounds: Circular steel bars are used in industries for machining, making car parts, and building machinery parts.  

3- Customized Steel Solutions

  • Cut-to-Length Services: Aanchal Ispat cuts steel products to specific lengths and dimensions as customers need them. It helps reduce waste and save money for clients.
  • Custom Fabrication: The company makes steel parts for industrial and construction projects based on what clients need.

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4- Trading and Distribution

  • Steel Trading: Aanchal Ispat trades steel products in addition to making them, to provide a reliable supply of suitable quality materials for the market.
  • Logistics and Distribution: The company delivers products quickly to customers in various areas using a sound distribution system.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Aanchal Ispat ?

The promoters and promoter group of Aanchal Ispat include Mukesh Goel, Manoj Goel, Monika Goel, Rashmi Goel, Sitaram Goyal, Maina Securities Private Limited and Aanchal Cement Limited.

The chairman and the Managing Director of the company is Mukesh Goel. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Calcutta. He is also a Director at Aanchal Collection Ltd., Aanchal Cement Ltd., Aanchal Iron & Steels Pvt Ltd., Haldia Alloys & Ispat Pvt Ltd., Khush Metalliks Pvt Ltd., Maina Securities Pvt Ltd., Jaya Rice Mills Pvt Ltd., Kalayani Rice Mills Pvt Ltd., Pratik Suppliers Pvt Ltd., and Penguin Creation Pvt Ltd.

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