ABM Knowledgeware Ltd Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of ABM Knowledgeware?

ABM Knowledgeware provides IT solutions and services with a focus on e-governance and smart city projects. Here are the main products and services offered by ABM Knowledgeware:

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1- e-Governance Solutions

Municipal e-Governance: 

  • Municipal ERP: Special software for city governments that combines different tasks like accounting, property taxes, water bills, and payroll into one system.
  • Citizen Services: Platforms allow people to use the internet to do things like pay taxes, get permits, and make complaints to the city.
  • Grievance Redressal Systems: Solutions for managing and resolving citizen grievances efficiently.

2- Utility Billing Solutions

  • Water Billing: Automated systems handle water billing tasks like reading meters, creating bills, and collecting payments.
  • Electricity Billing: Manage electricity billing from tracking usage to distributing and processing payments.

3- Smart City Solutions

Smart City Platform: 

  • Integrated Command and Control Centers (ICCC): Centralized platforms combine data from different city departments like traffic, utilities, and emergency services to give a complete view of city operations and help make better decisions.
  • Smart Lighting: Automated systems manage street lighting to save energy and cut costs.

4- Public Safety Solutions

  • Surveillance Systems: Install city-wide cameras and monitoring systems to improve public safety.
  • Emergency Response Systems: Practices to make emergency response services work better together and be more efficient.

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5- ERP Solutions

Government ERP: 

  • Financial Management: Custom financial systems for governments, including budgeting, accounting, and reporting.
  • Human Resource Management: Government uses systems to manage employee records, payroll, attendance, and performance evaluations.

6- Mobile and Web Applications

Citizen Engagement Apps: 

  • Mobile Apps: Creating mobile apps for citizens to access government services on their phones easily improves convenience and engagement.
  • Web Portals: Online portals allow citizens to access government services, apply for things, and pay online.

7- Consulting and Implementation Services

Project Management: 

  • Consulting Services: ABM Knowledgeware provides expert advice on planning and implementing e-governance and smart city projects to help clients meet their goals and follow regulations.
  • Implementation Services: The company handle everything for IT solutions, from planning and customizing to deploying and training.

8- Training and Support

  • Training Programs: Training government staff and end-users to use the new systems effectively.
  • Technical Support: The company will provide ongoing technical support after the system is set up to fix any problems and keep everything running smoothly.

9- Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Analytics Solutions: 

  • Data Visualization: Tools help show complex data clearly so decision-makers can understand and use it.
  • Reporting Systems: Custom reporting solutions help with planning and give useful insights.

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10- Performance Monitoring

  • KPIs and Dashboards: Creating KPIs and dashboards to track how well government services and departments are doing in real-time.

11- Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting: 

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): The company offer cloud infrastructure for government applications and services that can grow as needed.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): Platforms make it easy to create, test, and launch apps without dealing with the technical details.

12- Data Storage and Backup

  • Secure Data Storage: Securely store and easily access government data.
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions: Protect data and keep business running during disasters.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of ABM Knowledgeware?

The promoter of ABM Knowledge are Prakash Baburao Rane, Supriya Prakash Rane, Lipsita Projects & Services Private Limited, Baburao Bhikunaik Rane, Sunita Baburao Rane and Sharada Rane.

Prakash Rane the founder and Managing Director of ABM Knowledgeware Ltd. He did his Master of Management Studies in Marketing Management from University of Mumbai.

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Written By Annu Seepal