Elecon Engineering Company Profile : Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Elecon Engineering?

Here's an overview of Elecon Engineering offerings: 

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Material Handling Equipment: Elecon Engineering makes equipment for moving materials like coal, ore, limestone, and grains. The equipment includes stackers, reclaimers, wagon tipplers, ship unloaders, bucket elevators, conveyors, and crushers. These machines efficiently handle materials in industries like cement, steel, power generation, ports, mining, and sugar.

Industrial Gears: Elecon designs and makes industrial gears and gearboxes. They offer helical, bevel, worm, planetary gears and custom-engineered gears used in steel, cement, power generation, mining, textiles, and automotive industries.

Power Transmission Products: They make power transmission products like couplings, pulleys, sprockets, gear units, and gearboxes that help machines such as conveyors, crushers, mills, mixers, pumps, and compressors operate more efficiently.

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Turnkey Projects: Elecon Engineering offers complete solutions for handling materials and power transmission projects. These services include building material handling plants, conveying systems, and gear drives.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Elecon Engineering ?

The promotors of Elecon Engineering Company Ltd are Prayasvin B Patel, Jai S Diwanji, Sonal V Ambani, Bharti Isarani, Pranav Amin,  Prashant C Amin, Ashutosh Arvind Pednekar, Pradip M Patel, and Aayush Shah. Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. was founded in the year 1951 by Bhanu Bhai I Patel.

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