ABS Marine Services Ltd Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of ABS Marine Services?

ABS Marine Services provides a wide range of products and services for the maritime and offshore industries. They offer ship management, marine consultancy, engineering services, training, environmental compliance, offshore support, emergency response, and commercial services.

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1- Ship Management Services

Technical Management:

  • Maintenance and Repairs: Providing regular maintenance and repair services to ensure vessels are seaworthy and meet safety standards.
  • Technical Support: Offering ongoing technical assistance to resolve operational issues and maintain vessel performance.

Crew Management:

  • Recruitment and Training: Sourcing, recruiting, and training crew members to ensure they are qualified and well-prepared for their roles.
  • Payroll and Administration: Managing payroll, benefits, and administrative tasks for crew members to follow maritime labour laws.

2- Compliance and Certification

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring vessels adhere to international and local maritime regulations.
  • Certification Services: Assisting with obtaining and maintaining necessary certifications for ships and crew.

3- Marine Consultancy Services

Maritime Consultancy:

  • Project Management: ABS Marine Services offers help and management for maritime projects, like building new ships, updating old ones, and making improvements.
  • Feasibility Studies: Conducting studies to evaluate the viability and potential returns of naval projects.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify and reduce risks in maritime operations and investments.

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4- Survey and Inspection

  • Condition Surveys: Thorough inspections to check the condition, value, and readiness of boats.
  • Pre-purchase Inspections: Thoroughly check boats to make sure they meet buyer's needs and are a good investment.
  • Damage Surveys: Inspecting boats after accidents to figure out what repairs are needed and how much they will cost.

5- Marine Engineering Services

Design and Engineering:

  • Ship Design: Design new boats, focusing on making them strong and efficient.
  • Retrofit and Upgrades: ABS Marine Services improves old ships to make them work better and meet new rules.

6- Installation and Commissioning

  • Equipment Installation: Installing marine equipment and systems on boats to make sure they work correctly.
  • Commissioning Services: Testing and commissioning new systems to make sure they work correctly.

7- Maritime Training Services

Crew Training Programs:

  • Safety Training: Offering programs that focus on keeping people safe at sea. These programs cover emergency response, firefighting, and how to use safety equipment.
  • Operational Training: Training crew members in important tasks like navigating, managing the engine, and handling cargo.Certification Courses
  • STCW Training: Offering courses to meet the STCW standards to make sure the crew follows international rules.
  • Specialized Training: Providing courses for different maritime jobs like tanker operations and environmental management.

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8- Environmental Services

Environmental Compliance:

  • Pollution Prevention: Prevent marine pollution by managing waste and controlling emissions.
  • Environmental Audits: Installing and maintaining systems to treat ballast water helps stop invasive species from spreading.
  • Ballast Water Management
  • Treatment Systems: Installing and maintaining systems to treat ballast water and prevent the spread of invasive species.
  • Compliance Services: Making sure ships follow global rules for managing ballast water.

9- Offshore Support Services

Offshore Logistics:

  • Supply Chain Management: Coordinate the delivery of materials and equipment to offshore sites to make sure they arrive on time and quickly.
  • Personnel Transport: Organizing transportation for staff to and from offshore locations using helicopters and boats.

10- Maintenance and Repair

  • Offshore Maintenance: Maintaining offshore installations and vessels to keep them running smoothly.
  • Repair Services: Repairing equipment and structures in offshore areas.

11- Emergency Response and Salvage

Emergency Response:

  • 24/7 Support: The company offer 24/7 emergency response services for maritime incidents, such as search and rescue operations.
  • Salvage Operations: Salvage crews recover ships and cargo after accidents to reduce harm to the environment and save money.

12- Spill Response

  • Oil Spill Response: Managing and reducing oil spills by containing, cleaning up, and fixing the damage.
  • Hazardous Material Response: Dealing with dangerous materials incidents to make sure they are cleaned up safely and effectively.

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13- Commercial and Financial Services

Chartering and Brokerage:

  • Ship Chartering: Arranging ships for different needs like moving cargo and supporting offshore work.
  • Brokerage Services: Acting as intermediaries in the sale and purchase of vessels, providing market insights and negotiation support.

14- Financial Services

  • Valuation And Financial Consultancy Services: The company offer vessel valuation services for buying, selling, insuring, and financial reporting. They also advise on financing, investing, and managing assets in the maritime industry.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of ABS Marine Services?

The promoters of ABS Marine are Capt. P B Narayanan, Shreelatha Narayanan, Arathi Narayanan and Capt. Jeevan Krishnan Sanjeevan.

CAPT. P B Narayanan is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. He is a Master Mariner with experience of more than 15 years at sea and 5 years in command of various types of Commercial Vessels. He set up ABS Marine Services in October 1992.  He was also presented with the National Maritime Award and Indywood Excellence Awards for his outstanding contribution to the Indian Shipping Industry.

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Written By Annu Seepal