Actress Parul Gulati's story: From doing Supporting Roles to making business worth over 50cr

In the glitzy world of Indian television and cinema, Parul Gulati has made her mark as an actress in popular series like P.O.W. - Bandi Yuddh Ke and Haq Se. But behind her glamorous on-screen persona lies the inspiring story of a woman who dared to dream big and balance her acting career with a burgeoning entrepreneurial venture. 

Her journey is one of passion, resilience, and an unyielding desire to leave a legacy. She is a person who believes do what you want don't have regrets.

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Early life and career

Parul was born on the 6th of August 1994 in Rohtak district of Haryana. She belonged to a lower-middle-class Punjabi family.  From a young age, Parul dreamed of creating something that would outlive her—a legacy that would make a lasting impact. Despite coming from a lower middle-class family, where conventional 9-to-5 jobs were the norm, Parul's rebellious spirit and determination saw her pursue an acting career. 

But acting was not in her mind from the start, It was the time when Parul was just 17 years old she made an account on Facebook just to check on his brother. One day, she posted a selfie, and soon after, received a message from a stranger who claimed to be casting for a new television series. 

At first, she thought it might be fake, but in her mind somewhere she wanted to try it. She discussed the opportunity with her parents, who, after much persuasion, reluctantly agreed to let her audition in Mumbai. It was tough for her to convince her parents to let her pursue acting was challenging.

They were shocked initially but in the end, they agreed and she moved to Mumbai. Fortunately, she got selected for the role as she looked similar to Yami Gautam. Parul was cast as Yami's sister in the serial Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam in 2009. She was earning 50k for 13 hours of the shift.  

For a young girl, it was enough, that she was making more money than her parents. This unexpected opportunity marked the beginning of her acting career, and from that point on, there was no turning back.

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She juggled modelling, acting, and her studies at the University of Mumbai. After earning and gaining some experience, she studied acting at the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Arts in 2013. 

Her acting career, marked by roles in series like P.O.W. - Bandi Yuddh Ke, Girls Hostel and Haq Se, laid a strong foundation for her future endeavours. Yet, Parul's ambitions extended beyond acting. 

Founding Nish Hair 

After spending Six years in her acting career, Parul's ambition took a new turn. She was watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2016, she was struck by a segment where Khloe Kardashian discussed hair extensions. This moment sparked an idea that later led Parul into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Despite having no background in business, she was undeterred. She dove headfirst into learning about hair extensions, and in 2017, she launched Nish Hair from her living room, with her mother helping to sew the initial pieces.

She bought hairs of 30000, and then she with her mom spent hours stitching them. Parul says she made a lot of bad products in the starting. 

The early days were far from glamorous world. It took her three months to sell just three pieces of her product. The first-year sales of the company were just 40-50 thousand. Parul often found herself knocking on doors and selling products at a loss to friends. But she refused to give up. 

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She connected with hairstylists, created video content on Instagram, and personally interacted with potential customers to build trust. Finally, Her efforts paid off, and soon, Nish Hair began to gain traction. Now it is over 50 crore business.

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About Parul Gulati business Nish Hair

Nish Hair offers a diverse range of 100% human hair extensions and accessories, including wigs, hair toppers, colourful strands, and clip-in bangs. Recently, they also introduced a hair perfume. Parul's motivation goes beyond beauty; she aims to help those suffering from hair loss due to conditions like cancer and alopecia. "Hair is a vital part of our identity and confidence. 

For many women, hair loss can deeply impact their self-esteem," she explains. Her products act as a 'concealer' for hair thinning, providing instant coverage and boosting confidence.

Today, Nish Hair boasts an all-women team of 35 and offers 45 SKUs across four categories: volume, length, coverage, and style. The products range in price to cater to different needs and budgets, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience. Initially an online business, Nish Hair has expanded into physical spaces with a studio in Mumbai and partnerships with salons in cities like Jaipur. They even offer video consultations for customers who prefer a personalized touch.

In 2022, Parul's hard work also caught the attention of Shark Tank India. She secured an investment of Rs 1 crore for 2% equity from Amit Jain, Founder of CarDekho. This exposure and funding tripled Nish Hair's monthly revenue from Rs 80 lakh to a staggering amount, propelling the brand to new heights.

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Despite her entrepreneurial success, Parul remains dedicated to her first love—acting. Parul is married to acting and her baby is her business she often says in her interviews. She cannot leave any of them and she can manage both further she says.

Parul's journey with Nish Hair has been challenging yet rewarding. From being dismissed as a hobbyist to building a reputable brand, she has faced numerous obstacles.

Parul Gulati's journey is more than a success story; it's a beacon of inspiration. It reminds us that with passion, resilience, and a bit of rebellion, we can break barriers and create a legacy that transcends the ordinary.

Parul Gulati Net worth

Parul makes money from different sources, mainly from her business Nish Hair and Instagram. She also earns from acting and investing. She recently bought a villa in Goa which rents over 40000 a day. 

However, she doesn't share specific details about her income sources, she focuses more on catering large number of people who are struggling with hair problems.

Parul Gulati is a true example of Beuty with the brain, she has proved this with her venture. Parul is also seen promoting her products in interviews. She doesn’t need a marketing team she carries herself as a marketing team.

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Written By Manvi