How Neha Nagar, Fin content creator Turned Setbacks into a Successful Financial Planning Career

In the vast expanse of the internet, amidst the sea of content creators, a few manage to stand out by offering real value and practical advice to their audience. Neha Nagar is one such name that has risen to prominence, especially in the field of finance. Neha's journey to becoming one of the wealthiest financial planners is nothing short of inspiring. 

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Before finding her niche in financial planning, Neha experimented with various professions, including sales, marketing, modelling, and acting. Despite her diverse attempts, she faced continuous setbacks, including failing her CA exams multiple times. These failures were particularly hard on her, leading to periods of deep self-doubt and low confidence.

Let's delve into her story, exploring the struggles she faced and the milestones she achieved.

Early Life and Education

Neha was born on October 24, 1994, in a traditional Gujjar family. She belonged to a lower middle-class farmer family in Haryana. Her early life was marked by societal norms and expectations that often curtailed the ambitions of girls. Despite these challenges, her family supported her aspirations. Neha’s family used to live in the village when she was 13 they moved to Delhi. Initially, Neha studied in a Hindi medium school later changed to an English medium.

Neha's path was fraught with personal challenges. Growing up, she faced constant body shaming and ridicule for her looks, which severely impacted her self-esteem. She felt the hurtful comments and the isolation at social gatherings and in school. These experiences left her feeling insecure and underconfident, but they also fueled her determination to prove herself.

Neha says when she was in 10th standard her father had only a bike on which her family of 5 members used to travel. Her classmates used to mock her and Neha often wondered why she had not much money like others. These things made her desire to earn more money.

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When Neha completed her schooling, relatives started forcing her parents to marry. She wanted to be an independent woman before marrying anyone. Neha says that this was the thing that always inspired him to be successful in a hurry.

After watching so many movies she had a good and wealthy image of businesswomen in her mind. She wanted to become a businesswoman who could earn a lot of money. 

But the journey was not without its hurdles.  She completed her graduation in commerce from Delhi University. Initially, she aimed to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) and open her own firm. But after multiple unsuccessful attempts, she left it. She pivoted towards an MBA but she had no money for the high fees of the course. To fund her education, Neha worked at a BPO, demonstrating her determination and resilience.

She did MBA at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. After completing her MBA, Neha worked with IIFL Securities, where she spent a year learning the intricacies of tax consultancy and the stock market. However, her entrepreneurial spirit soon led her to establish her own company. She founded TaxationHelp ( in May 2019, offering financial and investment advice to individuals and businesses. 

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Neha's company, TaxationHelp, emerged as a technology-driven platform providing a range of services, from government registrations and accounting to legal documentation and annual compliances. Her vision expanded to help startups with business planning, app and website development, and social media marketing. Life was going well after MBA and a set business, but who knows if destiny has decided a different path for Neha

Neha Nagar.png

Turning Point: Content Creation

The lockdown of 2020 became a turning point in Neha's career. With her client base dwindling, she turned to content creation and started with TikTok. Her engaging and informative videos on financial literacy quickly gained traction. She amassed 300,000 followers in just two months. 

However, the sudden ban on TikTok in India was a significant setback for her content creation. Unfazed, Neha shifted to Instagram, where she rebuilt her following, reaching over 1.8 million followers. Her YouTube channel also grew and currently boasts 386K subscribers.

In 2022, Neha was featured on the front cover of Forbes India’s 100 Digital Stars Magazines. She is also interviewed by several media channels and YouTubers. Neha also received various awards and appraisals.

One of Neha's core missions is to enhance financial literacy. She emphasizes that financial education is crucial for making informed decisions, from buying a car or house to investing for good returns. Through her content, Neha aims to demystify finance, making it accessible and understandable for a broad audience.

Who is Neha Nagar Husband?

In 2019, she married Deepak Bhati Kumar who is a Chartered Accountant by profession. She has also a daughter named Siya.

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Neha Nagar Net worth

Today, Neha is celebrated as a successful entrepreneur and one of the wealthiest financial planners. According to some reports, Neha Nagar’s net worth is over 50 lakhs INR, and she earns an additional 20 Lakhs INR per month from YouTube. 

Neha Nagar's story is a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her journey from a shy, underconfident girl to a leading businesswoman is a testament to her resilience, hard work, and determination. It highlights the importance of perseverance, the willingness to pivot in the face of failure, and the power of the internet in transforming lives. 

Neha Nagar age is just 30, Her journey reminds us that with dedication and hard work, it is possible to overcome personal and professional challenges and achieve remarkable success at a young age.

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Written By Manvi