Akanksha Power and Infrastructure Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Akanksha Power and Infrastructure?

Akanksha Power and Infrastructure (APIL) focuses on power quality solutions and infrastructure services. They offer products and services in two main categories.

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APFC Panels and Key Components: This includes panels that automatically correct power factors, hybrid systems, active filters, and components like capacitors, controllers, and thyristors.

Instrument Transformers: We have transformers like current transformers (CT), voltage transformers (PT), and residual voltage transformers (RVT) for indoor and outdoor use, up to 33kV.

MCC, PCC, and VFD Panels: Motor Control Centers, Power Control Centers, and Variable Frequency Drive panels efficiently control and distribute electrical power.

Universal Measuring Instruments: Devices measure and monitor electrical parameters.

DC UPS and Power Supply: Uninterruptible power supply systems provide reliable power for essential uses.

Turnkey Projects Execution: APIL does big projects for electrical infrastructure. They supply, install, and set up things like tower lines, high-tension (HT) and low-tension (LT) distribution lines, and substations.

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Power Quality Audits: APIL analyzes sites and provides services to improve power quality and reduce losses.

Online Monitoring: Real-time systems monitor power quality to prevent equipment failures and improve performance.

Custom Solutions for Reactive Power Management: Custom solutions help control reactive power, cut losses, and boost electrical system efficiency.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Akanksha Power and Infrastructur?

The promoters of  Bipin Bihari Das Mohapatra and Ms Chaitali Bipin Dasmohapatra. Bipin B Das Mohapatra is also the founder of Akanksha Power & Infrastructure Ltd., where he holds the title of Executive Director & Managing Director since starting in 2008.

He is also a Director at Udream Technolab Pvt Ltd. He holds an undergraduate degree from Atal Behari College.

Puja Jaiswal is the company secretary of Akanksha Power and Infrastructure.

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