S & S Power Switchgear Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of S & S Power Switchgear?

S & S Power Switchgear Ltd. provides various products and services related to electrical switchgear. Here is a detailed description of what they offer.

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1- Circuit Breakers

Indoor and Outdoor Circuit Breakers: Vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers are made to protect and control electrical power systems.

2- Medium Voltage Switchgear Panels

These panels manage medium-voltage electrical systems to distribute and control power safely and efficiently.

3- Disconnectors:

Types of Disconnectors: The range has different types of disconnectors, such as center break, double break, pantograph, and vertical break. They help isolate electrical equipment for maintenance and safety.

4- Retrofitting Solutions:

Circuit Breaker and Disconnector Retrofit:  solutions improve existing systems, making them work better and last longer without having to replace them completely.

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5- Control Panels and Automation Solutions:

Electrical Controls and Relay Panels: These products help control and automate electrical systems, making them more efficient and reliable.

6- High Voltage Substation Services

S & S Power Switchgear refurbishes and renovates disconnectors in high-voltage substations to keep the equipment in good condition.

7- Spare Parts and After-Sales Services

Maintenance and Support: They offer spare parts and support services to help maintain product performance and reliability.

8- Training and Assessment Services

Educational Services: The company provides training and assessment services to help clients' staff operate and maintain equipment safely and effectively.

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9- Retrofitting and Modernization

This service updates old systems with new technology to make them work better and last longer.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of S & S Power Switchgear?

The company has 3 promoters. Ashish Sushil Jalan, Deepak Jugal Kishore Chowdhary and Ashok Kumar Vishwakarma. 

Ashish Jalan is the Chairman of the company. He has been heading the S&S Group since the age of 25 Years. Mr Jalan is also a Director at Bombay Gas Co. Ltd. He is Actively involved in various business verticals such as HV Electrical Equipment, Real Estate, Construction and Telecom Infrastructure.

Ashok Kumar Vishwakarma is the Managing Director & CEO of the company.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from NIT, Allahabad and Management degree. He has over 27 years of solid experience in the Energy Sector with European and American MNCs such as GE T&D, Areva, and Alstom Grid in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Business Excellence, Product Development, Business Development, P&L Management and Business Leadership in Switchgear Industry.

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