Amba Enterprise Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Amba Enterprise ?

Amba Enterprise makes and sells electrical and engineering products for various industries, such as power generation and distribution.

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1- Electrical Insulation Materials

Amba Enterprise offers insulation materials for electrical use.

  • DPC (Double Paper Covered) Wires and Strips: Copper or aluminium wires with insulating paper are used in transformers and electrical devices.
  • Super Enameled Wires: Copper wires have a thin enamel coating for insulation. They are used in motors, transformers, and electrical equipment.
  • Nomex Paper Covered Conductors: High-quality insulation paper is often used in high-temperature situations because it has excellent thermal and electrical properties.
  • Fiberglass-Covered Conductors: Use fiberglass-insulated conductors for high temperatures and high voltages.

2- Transformer Components

The company makes parts for transformers.

  • Transformer Oil: High-quality insulating oil used for cooling and insulating transformers.
  • Pressboard Components: Insulating materials in transformers help support and protect electrical parts.
  • CRGO Laminations: Cold Rolled grain-oriented steel is used in transformer cores to lower energy losses.

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3- Conductors and Cables

Amba Enterprise offers a wide range of conductors and cables:

  • Copper and Aluminum Conductors: These are used in many electrical and power distribution applications.
  • Flexible Cables: Ideal for flexible and durable applications, like connecting machinery and equipment.

4- Engineering Services

Amba Enterprise offers engineering services to help its clients.

  • Custom Manufacturing: The company make custom electrical parts and insulation materials for clients.
  • Technical Support: They provide expert advice and technical support for installing and maintaining our products.
  • Quality Testing and Certification: They test and certify all products to ensure they meet high-quality standards.

5- Specialty Products

The company sells unique products for different industries.

  • Insulating Tapes and Varnishes: Extra insulation and protection for electrical parts.
  • Fibre Products: Different fibre insulation materials are used for high temperatures.
  • Sheet and Roll Insulations: Insulation materials come in sheets and rolls for various uses in electrical engineering.

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6- Market Applications

Amba Enterprise makes products for different industries and uses.

  • Power Generation and Distribution: Transformers, cables, and conductors need essential components.
  • Electrical Engineering: the company make materials and products for insulating and maintaining electrical equipment.
  • Industrial Machinery: Custom components and flexible cables for machinery and industrial equipment.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Amba Enterprise?

The promoters of Amba Enterprise are Ketan H Mehta and Chhaya Mehta. Dhirendra Mehta is the Chairman of the Amba Enterprise.

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