Birla Precision Technologies Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Birla Precision Technologies?

Birla Precision Technologies provides precision engineering products and services for different industries, including:

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Precision Machined Components: Using advanced CNC machining, Birla Precision Technologies makes precise machine parts. They create parts for aerospace, automotive, and medical devices requiring high precision.

Tooling and Fixtures: The company makes special tools and fixtures such as jigs, fixtures, or other special tools to help factories work better. 

Gauges and Measurement Instruments: Birla Precision provides tools for measuring and ensuring quality in manufacturing, including callipers, micrometres, height gauges, and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

Specialized Machinery: The company designs and makes special machines for specific uses, like custom CNC machines, automation equipment, or robotic systems for clients.

Precision Engineering Services: Birla Precision offers engineering services focusing on precise manufacturing and process improvement to improve their products with design, prototyping, and engineering advice.

Contract Manufacturing: The company makes parts and assemblies for clients based on their specifications. They use CNC machining, turning, milling, grinding, and finishing to create high-quality parts on schedule and within budget.

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Quality Assurance and Inspection: Birla Precision focuses on quality assurance and inspection services. They use strict quality control processes to inspect, test, and validate manufactured components to meet industry standards and customer needs.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Birla Precision Technologies?

The promotors of Birla Precision Technologies Ltd include Vedant Birla, Vikas Thapa, Tulsi Jayakumar, Raji Vishwanathan, Santosh Kumar, Sanjay Kothari and Ankur Somani. 

Vedant Birla is the chairman of Birla Precision Technologies Ltd. Vedant completed his primary education at champions school Mumbai. He pursued bachelor's in accounting and finance from H.R. college of Commerce and Economics and did masters in General Management from RBS College, UK.  Ishu Jain is the company secretary of Birla Precision Technologies Ltd.

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