Felix Industries Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Felix Industries?

Here's a breakdown of Felix Industries Limited, a diversified company products with explanations across different sectors:

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1- Water & Waste Water Engineering Solutions:

The company provides complete solutions for water and wastewater management, such as:

Filtration Systems: These systems clean water by removing impurities and contaminants to ensure it is safe for different uses.

Pumps: Pumps are essential for moving water efficiently through pipes or lifting it from one place to another.

Valves: Valves control water flow in a system, adjusting pressure and directing water where needed.

Pipes and Fittings: Good pipes and fittings are significant for water systems to work well and not leak.

Monitoring Equipment: Monitoring equipment has sensors and meters that track water quality like pH, turbidity, and dissolved solids. It helps monitor and control water treatment processes in real-time.

2- E-waste Recycling Equipment:

Felix Industries Limited makes special equipment for recycling electronic waste (e-waste) to help the environment.

Shredders: These are used to remove electronic devices into smaller pieces for processing.

Separators: Sort shredded e-waste into different materials like metals, plastics, and glass for recycling.

Crushers: Make electronic components smaller to make processing easier.

Sorting Machines: Sort e-waste using properties to recycle efficiently and recover resources.

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3- Industrial Piping Division:

Felix Industries Limited's Industrial Piping Division offers various piping solutions for industrial use. These include:

Pipes: Steel, stainless steel, and PVC are essential for moving fluids, gases, and solids in industrial buildings.

Fittings: Fittings connect pipes to make piping systems flexible and adaptable.

Flanges: Flanges connect pipes, valves, and equipment securely to prevent leaks and make maintenance easier.

Valves: Industrial valves control how liquids move through pipes and regulate the flow, pressure, and direction of fluids, allowing for accurate control of industrial operations.

Connectors: Connectors join pipes and fittings securely to make industrial piping networks solid and reliable.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Felix Industries?

The promotors of Felix Industries Ltd include Ritesh Vinay Patel, Vinay Rajnikant Patel,  Kashyap Hsamukhlal Shah, Nivedita Dinkar and Mayuri Vinay Patel.

Ritesh Vinay Patel is the founder and managing Director of Felix Industries. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

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