IC International Combustion (India) Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of IC International Combustion (India) Limited?

Here's an overview of IC International Combustion (India) Limited, which specialises in providing products and services related to industrial equipment and solutions, particularly in combustion and material handling offerings:

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1- Combustion Equipment: IC International Combustion provides combustion equipment for different industries.

Burners: Industrial burners are used in boilers, furnaces, kilns, and heating systems for combustion.

Combustion Systems: Custom combustion systems made for specific industries to work efficiently and effectively.

Flame Monitoring Systems: Safety systems monitor and control flames in combustion processes to keep them safe and reliable.

2- Material Handling Equipment: The company helps industries move bulk materials like coal, minerals, ores, and aggregates. They offer equipment for handling these materials.

Vibrating Screens: Screening equipment sorts materials by size and shape.

Feeders: Equipment for feeding bulk materials into processing equipment or conveyor systems in a controlled and regulated manner.

Crushers and Mills: Machines crush, grind, and pulverise materials for processing or transport.

3- Engineering and Consultancy Services: They offer engineering and consultancy services to help clients design, optimise, and implement combustion and material handling systems. This includes feasibility studies, system design, equipment selection, process optimization, and performance evaluation.

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4- After-sales Support and Maintenance: The company helps customers use and maintain their equipment by offering installation help, training for operators and maintenance staff, spare parts, and technical support for fixing problems.

5- Customised  Solutions: IC International Combustion works with clients to create custom solutions for their needs. It might include designing and making special equipment or combining current products into complete systems.

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The promotors of Intl. Combustion includes S Bagaria, Indrajit Sen, R L Gaggar, Sandipan Chakrovorty, P R Sivasanka, Nayantara Palchoudhuri, Rana Pratap Singh and Srikumar Menon.

S Bagaria is chairman and P R Sivasankar is the company secretary of International Combustion (India) Ltd.

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