Stovec Industries Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Stovec Industries ?

Here's a detailed overview of Stovec Industries, a well-known company that makes and provides products and services for the textile and printing industries.:

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Textile Printing Machinery: Stovec Industries makes textile printing machines to add fabric designs and colors. Stovec's products include rotary screen printers, digital textile printers, flatbed screen printers, and accessories like screens and squeegees.

Printing Consumables: Stovec sells printing machines and supplies necessary items for textile printing. These include inks, dyes, chemicals, emulsions, and cleaning solutions needed to run printing equipment smoothly.

Textile Machinery Spares and Components: Stovec Industries provides a wide range of spare parts for textile machinery. These parts are essential for maintaining and repairing printing equipment in textile printing facilities.

After-sales Services and Technical Support: Stovec probably helps customers after they buy their products, including installing the products, training the people who use and fix them, doing regular maintenance, and helping to resolve problems. They also make sure spare parts are available to keep things running smoothly.

Innovative Solutions and R&D: The company invests in research and development to create new technologies and products for textile printing. They work with customers to make custom solutions for specific printing needs.

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Consulting and Advisory Services: Stovec can help textile manufacturers improve their printing processes by offering consulting services. They evaluate methods, recommend technology upgrades, and advise cutting costs and enhancing print quality.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Mazda Motor Corporation?

The promotors of Stovec Industries Ltd include K M Thanawalla, Shailesh Wani, Marco Philippus A Wadia, Sanjeev Singh Sengar, Kiran Dhingra, Eiko Ris and Garrett Forde.

K M Thanawalla is the chairman of the company. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Finance from H.R. College of Commerce and Economics. He also studied in the British Institute of Management in 2000. Sanjeev Singh Sengar is the company secretary of Stovec Industries Ltd.

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