BLS International Services Limited (BLS) Company Profile : Products,Promoters and Clients

BLS International Services Limited 

BLS International Services Limited , a part of the four-decades-old BLS Group with a global presence and diversified range of services, and is the biggest global players in visa application outsourcing.

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Q1. What are the Product and Service Offerings of the Company?

  • Visa Services: Streamlined visa application lifecycle management, including e-visas and resident permits, with a focus on enhanced applicant experience through technology-driven solutions and exclusive visa application centers.
  • Citizen Services: Secure, modern Citizen Service Centers providing infrastructure, technology, and professional personnel, facilitating government collaboration for improved national security, governance, and access to services.
  • Consular Services: Handling passport applications, consular appointments, and notarial services on behalf of client governments, including OCI and Renunciation of Indian Citizenship services for the Indian Government.
  • E-Visa Services: Facilitating electronic visa issuance and border control integration, enabling online visa application, payment, and confirmation for ease of travel and border security enhancement.
  • Identity Management Solutions: Comprehensive support for identity management, including assisted applications, biometric solutions, document management, authentication, and reporting services for enhanced national security and customer service standards.

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  • Verification and Attestation Services: Providing apostille and attestation services for Governments worldwide, including document acceptance, translation, and state attestation services, with quick and genuine Ministry Attestation/Apostille services.
  • E-Governance Solutions: Delivering practical e-governance solutions through innovative models such as PPP/BOOT/BOT/BOO, aimed at optimizing service delivery, data sharing, and inter-agency governance for informed decision-making and cost-saving measures.
  • Land Governance Services: Execution of large and complex Land Management programs, offering the Integrated Land Management System (ILMS) framework for real-time land records, automatic mutation, and interconnectivity between land records and registration systems, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in land management.

Q2.Who are the Promoters of the company?

  1. Mr. Diwakar Aggarwal Chairman (Non-Executive Director)
  2. Mr. Nikhil Gupta Managing Director
  3. Mr. Shikhar Aggarwal Joint Managing Director
  4. Mr. Karan Aggarwal Executive Director


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Q3.Who are the Clients of the company ?

Collaborating with over 46 client governments, including Diplomatic Missions, Embassies, and Consulates, BLS International ensures the highest level of data security through cutting-edge technology and robust processes. Its operations have scaled up across 64 nations, with a global footprint spanning more than 50,000 centers worldwide supported by 60,000 employees and associates. 

The company's network is supported by 9 global training centers and 4 global contact centers, further enhancing its capabilities in delivering top-notch consular, biometric, and citizen services. To date, BLS International has processed over 220 million applications, showcasing its expertise and commitment to excellence in the industry

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