Carborundum Universal Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Carborundum Universal ?

Here's the of products of Carborundum Universal Limited :

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Abrasives: CUMI sells abrasive products for grinding, cutting, and polishing in industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, and metal fabrication. The products include grinding wheels, cutting discs, sandpaper, abrasive belts, and abrasive grains.

Ceramics: CUMI manufactures many ceramic products for various industries. These include ceramic tiles, refractory bricks, filters, wear-resistant parts, and special ceramics for high heat and harsh conditions. These products are used in the steel, cement, glass, power, and chemical industries.

Refractories: CUMI makes heat-resistant products for industries like steel, aluminium, cement, petrochemicals, and non-ferrous metals. Their products can handle high temperatures and harsh conditions in furnaces, kilns, and reactors. They offer refractory bricks, monolithic castables, and precast shapes that resist extreme heat, thermal shock, and chemical erosion.

Electro-Minerals: CUMI makes industrial materials like silicon carbide and fused alumina. These materials are hard, conduct heat well, and resist chemicals. They are used in industries for grinding, cutting, blasting, and insulation.

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Industrial Ceramics and Super Refractories: They make unique and super refractories for harsh conditions in industries like steelmaking, aluminium smelting, and petrochemical processing. These products are good at keeping heat, being strong, resisting damage, and lasting long. 

Material Handling Solutions: CUMI offers material handling solutions like conveyor belts, rollers, pulleys, and wear-resistant parts for harsh conditions. These solutions include mining, cement, ports, power plants, and bulk material handling facilities.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Carborundum Universal ?

Murugappan CUMI is the Chairman of  Carborundum Universal Limited. According to Business Today the promotors of Carborundum Universal Ltd are M M Murugappan,Rekha Surendhiran, Aroon Raman, P S Raghavan, Sujjain Talwar, Soundara Kumar, Sridharan Rangarajan and Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu Carborundum Universal Ltd is a part of the Chennai-based Murugappa group, founded in 1954. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of abrasives, ceramics, refractories, and electro-minerals.

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