Ganga Papers Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Ganga Papers?

Ganga Papers India Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of various paper products. Ganga Papers India Ltd. aims to be a world-class paper manufacturer, with a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Here is a list of their primary products:

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1. Kraft Paper: Widely used in packaging and for manufacturing corrugated boxes.

  • Fluting Paper: The middle liner of corrugated board, providing protective cushioning and filling empty spaces in packaging.
  • Test Liner Kraft: Packaging paper made from 100% recycled fibers, used in food packaging, consumer durables, and corrugated cardboard trays. It offers different bursting strengths and is colored for stable optical appearance.

2. Pulp: Used for printing newspapers and provides a lightweight and economical solution.

  • AOCC Pulp (American Old Corrugated Containers): Derived from repulping and refining commercial AOCC boards, known for good fiber quality. Used in various paper products.
  • OCC Pulp (Old Corrugated Containers): Recycled OCC is processed into pulp for making paper and board products.
  • ONP Pulp (Old Newspapers): Consists primarily of old newspapers, including mechanical fibers and contaminants, used in newsprint production.
  • De-ink Pulp: Produced by removing ink from recycled paper fibers through chemical and mechanical processes, resulting in cleaner pulp for reuse.

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3. Newsprint: Economical, lightweight paper made from wood pulp, primarily used for printing newspapers and other publications.

4. Writing and Printing Paper: High-brightness paper with a smooth surface and high tensile strength, suitable for high-speed multi-color printing.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Ganga Papers?

1. Deepak Kumar Kasat - Promoter and Key Management Personnel

Deepak Kumar Kasat is a key figure in Ganga Papers, overseeing strategic decisions and guiding the company's vision towards growth and sustainability.

2. Neha Kasat - Promoter

Neha Kasat plays a significant role in promoting the company, contributing to its operational and strategic planning, ensuring the company stays on its path of excellence.

3. Sunil Malpani - Managing Director

Sunil Malpani leads Ganga Papers with extensive experience in the paper manufacturing industry. His leadership focuses on enhancing operational efficiency and driving growth through innovative strategies.

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4. Vineeta Agarwal - CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Vineeta Agarwal manages the financial operations of the company. Her expertise ensures financial stability and guides the company’s financial planning and analysis.

5. Deepak Sharma - Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Deepak Sharma ensures that the company adheres to regulatory requirements and maintains good corporate governance practices.

Question 3: Who are the clients of Ganga Papers?

1. Newspaper Publishers: Utilizing their newsprint paper.

2. Printing and Publishing Companies: Using their writing and printing paper for various publications.

3. Packaging Companies: Making use of their packaging paperboard and Kraft paper.

4. Recycling and Pulp Industries: Benefiting from their recycled pulp products.

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