Jupiter Wagons Company Details: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Jupiter Wagons?

Answer: Jupiter Wagons makes and rents railway freight wagons, garden carts, and folding wagons to help move goods quickly. These products are strong, versatile, and easy to use, making them popular for personal and business use.

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Freight Wagon Manufacturing: Jupiter Wagons makes different types of freight wagons for trains. They design open-top, flat, covered, and specialized wagons. These wagons are made to carry bulk goods, raw materials, and finished products.

Leasing Services: Jupiter Wagons offers leasing and manufacturing for their freight wagons. It lets businesses use railway transportation without a notable upfront cost. The leasing plans can be tailored to fit each client's needs, providing flexibility and saving money.

Maintenance and Repair Services: Jupiter Wagons keeps their wagons safe and reliable by providing maintenance and repair services. They do regular inspections, scheduled maintenance, and quick repairs to fix any problems. By keeping their wagons well-maintained, they ensure they work well for transportation.

Customization and Retrofitting: They customise and upgrade wagon fleets to meet customer needs. It includes changing designs, adding special equipment, or using advanced technology for better performance and safety.

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Question 2: Who are the promoters of Jupiter Wagons ?

Answer: Vivek Lohia is the managing director of Jupiter Wagon. He is Graduated from the prestigious Wharton Business School. He is also Chairman of the National Council of Railways, ASSOCHAM, co-chairman of FICCI, and a member of prestigious organisations such as the CII and Wharton India forum.

The promotors of Jupiter Wagons Ltd are Prakash Gurav, Madhuchhanda Chatterjee, Manchi Venkatraja Rao, G Raghuram, Avinash Gupta, Vikash Lohia, Asim Ranjan Das Gupta,  Abhishek Jaiswal, Vivek Lohia and Ritesh Kumar Singh.

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