KP Energy Ltd Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of KP Energy?

KP Energy is a company that works in renewable energy, mainly focusing on wind power. Here are the main things KP Energy offers:

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1- Wind Power Projects

  • Project Development: KP Energy develops wind power projects from start to finish. It involves finding sites, buying land, and getting the required approvals and permits.
  • Infrastructure Development: The company builds roads, works on wind turbine foundations, installs electrical infrastructure like substations and transmission lines, and does other civil construction work.
  • Wind Turbine Installation: KP Energy manages the installation of wind turbines to make sure they are set up and started properly for the best performance.

2- Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

  • Maintenance And Monitoring Services: Regularly maintain wind turbines and related infrastructure to keep them working well. Monitor wind turbines both remotely and on-site to track how well they are working and their overall health.

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3- Consultancy Services

  • Technical Consultancy: Helps with different technical parts of wind power projects, like studying if they're possible, analyzing sites, and assessing wind resources.
  • Project Management Consultancy: They manage wind power projects to make sure they are finished on time and done well.

4- Turnkey Solutions

  • EPC Services: Provide EPC services for wind power projects, handling everything from start to finish.

5- Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs):

Helping clients buy and sell Renewable Energy Certificates, which show the environmental benefits of making electricity from renewable sources.

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Question 2: Who are the promoters of KP Energy?

The promoters of KP Energy include Farukbhai Gulambhai Patel, Ashish Ashwin Mithani, Jagruti Niraj Mithani, Jolly Ashish Mithani and Bhavnaben Ashwinbhai Mithani.
Dr Faruk Gulam Patel is the Managing Director and founding promoter of KP Energy. He studied in MCD school till class 5th and completed the rest of his schooling at VD Desai Vadivala school. In 1994, he laid the foundation of the KP Group.

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