From Struggle to Success: KP Group founder Dr. Faruk G. Patel's Inspiring Journey of Triumph

A Journey from Village to Business Success

Success is often born from humble beginnings, and Dr. Faruk Gulam Patel's inspiring journey exemplifies the extraordinary possibilities that can emerge when resilience and vision converge. Dr Faruk Gulam Patel is the Managing Director and founding promoter of the KP Group, which includes two publicly listed Renewable Energy Companies. He has faced a lot of ups and downs in his life. He was born on March 24, 1972, in the Saladara Village of Bharuch. Dr Patel's ascent from a modest background to the Chairman and Managing Director of the Surat-based KP Group is a testament to his unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

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He belonged to a humble family, he had aspirations to achieve something big in his life and he did. Dr Faruk G Patel dreamt not only of achieving something huge but also of helping society. Now he is one of the role model icons for young people who aspire to become successful.

His father Gulam Patel was a conductor in Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) in Jagadiya depo. He was transferred to Surat when Faruk was 2 years old. His family started their life in Surat in a small, rented house. His father had a salary of only Rs. 700 at that time.

He studied in MCD school till class 5th. The teacher suggested his mother to teach him at a good school, and so he completed the rest of his schooling at VD Desai Vadivala school. He was not very interested in Job and wanted to help his family. So he decided to start a business of export and import just after his 12th.

Experimenting with various avenues, he delved into the cotton textile business in 1990, gaining valuable knowledge at the Man-Made Textile Research Association (MNTRA). At the age of 18, he initiated dress material work in a rented shop in Faizal Tower, marking the inception of his entrepreneurial journey.

In pursuit of greater opportunities, Dr Patel embarked on a journey to England in 1991, and worked in a Pizza shop. However, recognizing that this path wouldn't lead him to the successful future he envisioned, he returned to India in 1993. Unyielding in his quest for success, he started a carting business in Surat, yet his hunger for something more substantial persisted.

Building the KP Group: Vision, Hard Work, and Bold Moves

Despite facing initial setbacks and experimenting with different business ventures, including cotton textile, Dr. Faruk Patel's turning point came in 1994 when he laid the foundation of the KP Group.

With a Diploma in Textile Engineering in hand, Faruk Patel laid the foundation of KP Group with a meagre capital of Rs. 1 lakh. The journey began with establishing his venture, focused initially on construction contracts. As the years unfolded, the Group diversified into mobile phone tower installation under the flagship company, KP Buildcon Pvt. Ltd., executing projects across 16 states in India. KP Group's Full form has its unique story. KP (KOTHIWALA PATEL) the name derived from his surname "PATEL" and his hometown of "KOTHI."

Dr Faruk's Bold move came in 2008, He foresaw the potential of renewable energy and boldly ventured into the solar power sector. This marked the establishment of KPI Global Infrastructure Ltd (currently known as KPI Green Energy Limited), a company that has since become a key player in the renewable energy landscape. Following this success, in 2010, KP Energy Ltd was founded, further expanding the Group's influence into wind energy projects.

Today, KP Group stands as a multi-crore business empire, with its two listed entities, KPI Green Energy Ltd. and KP Energy Ltd. Dr. Faruk Patel's leadership has been instrumental in steering the Group towards sustainable growth, embodying the spirit of innovation and adaptability.

KPI Green Energy, under Dr. Patel's guidance, currently owns solar power projects in the Sudi, Bhimpura, and Tanchha villages of Bharuch. Setting an ambitious target, Dr. Faruk aims to develop 1,000 MW of solar power projects by 2025, emphasising the Group's commitment to India's green energy transition.

Dr Faruk's Success mantras are Vision, Hard Work, and Resilience. He attributes his success to setting high targets, relentless hard work, and a willingness to tread the unconventional path. In a conversation with Business Standard, he stated, "I work as hard today as I used to, back in 1994". Of course, there have been many ups and downs over the last 25 years, but these have only strengthened my resolve." His leadership style involves instilling belief in his team and fostering an environment where challenges are met with courage and determination.

Beyond business success, KP Group, under Dr. Patel's stewardship, has significantly contributed to India's green energy transition. The Group has delivered over a gigawatt cumulatively in solar, wind, and hybrid power, with a recent foray into green hydrogen and ammonia, showcasing a forward-looking commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Recently Dr. Patel was honored with a Doctorate by the American East Coast University, New York, USA in Innovation, Talent & Creativity Management. In the annals of entrepreneurial achievement, some stories transcend mere business success, reaching the realms of inspiration and resilience. Dr. Faruk, a visionary entrepreneur, exemplifies such a narrative—a tale of overcoming personal challenges and transforming a humble capital of 1 lakh into a thriving empire worth Crores. 

Facing the formidable foe of depression, Dr. Faruk's unwavering belief in his ideas and himself became the bedrock of his eventual triumph.Today, Dr. Faruk stands as the owner of multiple successful companies. His journey is not merely about financial gains but a poignant illustration of the power of persistence and self-belief.

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Beyond Business Success: Philanthropy and Social Welfare

Beyond the boardrooms and profit margins, Dr. Faruk has emerged as a figure who has won not just the business race but also the hearts of people. His commitment to social welfare is a shining example of how success can be a force for good. Dr. Faruk's altruistic endeavours are channelled through the KP Human Foundation, an organization dedicated to the welfare of society's most vulnerable sections. Education, health, environment, and the well-being of disabled and elderly individuals have become focal points of his philanthropic initiatives. The Group donated 8 Crores in social welfare and planning to introduce a home for physically abled people.

Dr Faruk Patel's Net Worth

According to the corporate shareholdings reported as of December 31, 2023, Dr Faruk G Patel has publicly declared ownership of 2 stocks valued at more than Rs. 3,786.9 Cr. The KP Group today has an empire of Rs 2,500 crore across India.


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