KPI Green Energy Investor Presentation Summary Jun-24

Company Overview

KPI Green Energy Limited, headquartered in Gujarat, stands out in the renewable power generation sector for its innovative solutions and sustainable energy contributions.

Revenue Guidance

Looking ahead to the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, KPI Green Energy anticipates substantial revenue growth, driven by its expanding portfolio of renewable energy projects.It has given a target to have a 1000 MW installed capacity but no monetary terms were mentioned.

Financial Results

For the year ending March 31, 2024, KPI Green Energy reported impressive financial gains:

  • Total Revenue surged to INR 1,330 Crore, marking an 84% increase year-over-year.
  • EBITDA reached INR 340 Crore, up 46% quarter-over-quarter.
  • Net Profit rose to INR 51 Crore, a 50% increase year-over-year.

Order Book and New Projects

The company's order book boasts several lucrative contracts:

  • Secured INR 686 Crore in credit facilities for a 200 MWAC Solar Photovoltaic Power Project in Khavda, Kutch District.
  • Received new orders totaling 100.45 MW for solar power projects under various segments.

Strategic Initiatives and Future Outlook

KPI Green Energy is focused on sustainable growth through:

  • Targeting 1000 MW capacity by 2025.
  • Expanding business pipelines and investing in cutting-edge technologies like robotic cleaning systems.
  • Strengthening market position through strategic partnerships and state-level collaborations.

Financial Milestones and Market Performance

Recent achievements include:

  • Successful fund-raising through Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP).
  • Credit rating reaffirmed by ICRA at [ICRA]A- (Stable), reflecting strong financial health and stability.


KPI Green Energy Limited's robust financial performance, extensive order book, and strategic initiatives underscore its leadership in the renewable energy sector. With a clear roadmap for expansion and technological innovation, the company is well-positioned for continued success in the evolving energy landscape.