Oriana Power Investor Presentation Summary May'24

Oriana Power: A Bright Future Ahead

Stellar Financial Performance

FY 2023-24 Highlights

  • Revenue from Operations: Oriana Power saw its revenue skyrocket from ₹13,471.72 million last year to ₹38,287.49 million this year—a remarkable growth of 184.21%.
  • Total Revenue: Including other income, total revenue jumped to ₹38,579.52 million, up by 184.01%.
  • EBITDA: The company's EBITDA soared by 311.75%, reaching ₹8,278.67 million, with the EBITDA margin improving to 21.62%.
  • Profit Before Tax (PBT): PBT shot up by 373.53%, amounting to ₹7,557.23 million.
  • Net Profit (PAT): PAT grew by 413.91% to ₹5,428.35 million, with the PAT margin increasing to 14.18%.
  • Diluted EPS: Diluted EPS surged from ₹16.91 to ₹33.41.

Strengthening the Balance Sheet


  • Non-Current Assets: Investments in property, plant, and equipment grew from ₹2,904.79 million to ₹13,534.80 million. Total non-current assets now stand at ₹20,337.48 million.
  • Current Assets: With increased inventories, trade receivables, and cash reserves, total current assets reached ₹20,681.24 million.


  • Shareholders’ Funds: Share capital and reserves increased significantly, totaling ₹14,619.91 million.
  • Non-Current Liabilities: Long-term borrowings rose to ₹13,272.47 million.
  • Current Liabilities: Short-term borrowings and trade payables increased, bringing total current liabilities to ₹10,217.93 million.

Strategic Moves and Growth Plans

Land Acquisition and Development

  • Smart Land Acquisition: Oriana Power is strategically acquiring land near power infrastructure to maximize project efficiency and reduce transmission losses.
  • Development Plans: The company plans to develop 920 acres across three states into solar farms or Green Hydrogen plants.

Market Expansion

  • High-Growth Areas: Oriana is targeting regions with strong renewable energy policies and high solar potential within India.
  • Rajasthan Focus: Leveraging government initiatives for large-scale solar projects in Rajasthan.

Innovative Partnerships and Projects

  • Module Manufacturer Collaborations: Partnerships to ensure high-quality and reliable solar modules.
  • Agro-Voltaic Projects: Combining agriculture with solar energy production to diversify revenue streams.
  • Green Hydrogen Initiatives: Engaging with existing clients to promote Green Hydrogen for energy security.

Looking Ahead

Ambitious Capacity Goals

  • 1 GW by 2026: Oriana Power aims to reach 1 GW capacity by 2026, becoming a key player in the renewable energy sector.
  • Larger Projects: The company is gearing up for larger projects, boosting its market presence and financial strength.

Sustainable Practices

  • Green Hydrogen and CBG: Increased efforts in Green Hydrogen and Compressed Biogas (CBG) to stay at the forefront of renewable energy innovations.
  • Employee Incentives: Expanding stock ownership plans to attract top talent and foster a culture of accountability and innovation.


Oriana Power's impressive financial growth and strategic initiatives highlight its commitment to sustainability and expansion. With a focus on optimizing operations, entering new markets, and pioneering green technologies, Oriana Power is set for a bright and promising future.