Servotech Power Systems Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Servotech Power Systems? 

Servotech Power Systems is an Indian technology company that focuses on renewable energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency. Some of its subsidiaries offer a range of products and services in these areas.

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1- Solar Products:

Solar Inverters: Solar inverters are for homes and businesses, whether connected to the grid or not.

Solar Panels: Solar panels capture sunlight to produce electricity.

Solar Power Packs: Complete solar power systems that include inverters, batteries, and solar panels.

Solar Street Lights: Energy-saving Solar-powered lighting solutions.

2- LED Lighting:

LED Bulbs and Tubelights: Energy-efficient lighting for homes and businesses.

LED Street Lights: Long-lasting and energy-efficient street lights.

LED Flood Lights: Bright lights for outdoor and industrial use.

3- EV Chargers:

Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers: Electric car charging is available at homes, businesses, and public places.

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4- Batteries and Energy Storage Solutions

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Batteries store energy in different things like solar panels and electric cars.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS): Energy storage and management systems improve efficiency and reliability.

5- Turnkey EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Services

Complete services for setting up and starting solar power plants include planning, buying materials, building, and upkeep.

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6- After-Sales Support

Maintenance and support services for their products ensure they work well and last long.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Servotech Power Systems?

The Promoters of Servotech Power Systems are Raman Bhatia, Ms. Sarika Bhatia, Mr. Manohar Lal Bhatia, Mr. Vikas Bhatia, Ms. Sudesh Bhatia, Mr. Rishabh Bhatia and Mr. Kanav Bhatia. The company is mainly owned by Bhatias. The Promoters Group is  Raman Bhatia HUF.

Mr Raman Bhatia is the chairman of the company and Managing Director of the company. He studied at Vidya Gyan Mandir and he is B.Com graduate from Delhi University, He also pursued a Diploma in Electronics, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from Delhi. Priya Pandey is serving as Company Secretary.

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