Solar Industries Company Details: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Solar Industries?

Answer: Solar Industries provides a range of products and services primarily centered around explosives and related solutions. Here's a breakdown:

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Explosives: Solar Industries makes different explosives for different industries. They have bulk explosives for extensive mining and infrastructure projects, cartridge explosives for controlled blasting in construction and quarrying, and initiation systems like detonators and detonating cords for starting explosives safely.

Blasting Accessories: Solar Industries also sells blasting accessories. These included boosters to make detonators more powerful, non-electric detonators for reliable blasting in tough conditions, and seismic explosives for geological studies in the oil and gas industry.

Blasting Services: They offer blasting services, including blast design, optimization, and safety consultation. They handle on-site blasting operations using advanced techniques and equipment to ensure safe and efficient outcomes. They also provide training programs for personnel involved in blasting operations, focusing on safety protocols and best practices.

Logistics and Storage: Solar Industries provides safe transportation, handling, and storage solutions for explosives. They use specialized vehicles and transportation services with safety features. They also have secure storage facilities with blast-proof structures and fire suppression systems.

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Defense and Military Products: It makes explosives for the military and defence. They also provide demolition charges for controlled explosions and disposal of explosives by the military and law enforcement.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Solar Industries?

Answer: Satya Narayan Nandlal Nuwal is the Chairman and Founder of Solar Industries India Ltd. He is a great businessperson who has led 11 different companies. In 1995, Nuwal laid the foundation of Solar Industries in Nagpur, starting as a modest explosives trading business.

Mr Nuwal was brought up in Bhilwara village, Rajasthan, also his birthplace. His father was a government accountant (Patwari), and his grandfather was a shopkeeper. He dropped out of school when he was in Class 10th to find his luck in the business. 

The other promotors of Solar Industries India Ltd are Manish Nuwal, Suresh Menon, Sujitha Karnad, Milind Deshmukh, Khushboo Pasari, Amrendra Verma, Natrajh Ramakrishna and Jagdish Chandra Belwal.


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