Sterling Powergensys Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Sterling Powergensys ?

Sterling Powergensys Limited provides various products and services focusing on power generation and industrial automation solutions. Here’s an overview:

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1- Power Generation Equipment

  • Gas Turbine Generators: Powerful turbines for making electricity in factories and power plants.
  • Steam Turbine Generators: Equipment changes steam energy into electricity for industrial processes.
  • Diesel Generators: Reliable power solutions using diesel engines for backup and central electricity generation.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems: These systems simultaneously produce electricity and heat from one fuel source, making them more efficient.

2- Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Solar Power Systems: Solar panels and equipment use sunlight to make electricity.
  • Biogas Generators: Biogas systems turn biogas into electricity to support sustainable and renewable energy.

3- Electrical Infrastructure

  • Switchgear and Control Panels: Top-notch switchgear and control panels for safe and efficient power distribution.
  • Transformers: Electrical transformers help regulate voltage and transmit power efficiently in various applications.

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4- Automation and Control Systems

  • SCADA Systems: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems monitor and control industrial processes in real time.
  • PLC Systems: Programmable Logic Controllers automate industrial operations and make processes more efficient.
  • Instrumentation and Control Solutions: Complete solutions for measuring, monitoring, and controlling industrial processes.

5- Engineering and Design

  • System Design and Engineering: Customized design and engineering services for power generation systems and industrial automation projects.
  • Project Management: End-to-end project management services to ensure successful execution and timely completion of projects.

6- Installation and Commissioning

On-Site Installation: Sterling Powergensys offer maintenance services to keep your equipment working well. Our experts can fix any issues quickly to reduce downtime. We provide ongoing technical support to help with any problems.

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7- Maintenance and Support

Preventive Maintenance And Repair Services: The company offer maintenance services to keep your equipment working well. Our experts can fix any issues quickly to reduce downtime and provide ongoing technical support.

8- Training and Consultancy

Operator Training And Consultancy Services: They offer training programs for operators and maintenance staff to use and maintain equipment correctly. Our experts provide advice to help clients choose the best solutions and improve their power generation and automation systems.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Sterling Powergensys?

The promoters of Sterling Powergensys include Pradeep Gorakhchand Sanghvi, Sveta Alloys Pvt Ltd, Chandra Rishi Estates Pvt Ltd, Deepakkumar Somchand Shah, Premchand M Shah,  Haresh Sanghavi, Sanghavi Rohit,  Praveen Dulichand Bothra and Deepak Kumar Somchand Shah

S. Venkata Subramanian is the Managing Director and Chairman of the company. He is a Graduated from Science.

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