Techknowgreen Order, Srivari Spices Excellent Results And ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO Listing Price

Techknowgreen Solutions Ltd.

Recent filing: (ORDER) Techknowgreen Solutions Ltd. received 2 purchase orders of total worth INR 3.4 Cr, both to be completed by Feb 2024: (i) INR 1.2 Cr from STT Global Data Center for Comprehensive Study including Designing of virtual chimney for — air-quality improvement, Air dispersion modelling and policy research towards decarbonization pathways; (ii) INR 2.2 Cr from Cipla for Miyawaki Plantation along with irrigation facilities.

What are the products and  services of Techknowgreen Solutions?

Techknowgreen Solutions is one of India’s leading environmental consulting Company with 20+ years of experience in executing projects in environment domain. The Company's service offering includes Consulting - both Regulatory compliances and Sustainability (ESG, Environmental due diligence, Environmental Impact assessment, environmental crime investigation etc.), Technology - Process technology and Information Technology (execution of waste-water, air quality, solid waste projects and implementation of proprietary software applications and Apps) and Research and Development - both on Policy and Engineering.

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Srivari Spices & Foods Ltd.

Recent filing: (EXCELLENT RESULTS) For the half-year ending Sep-23, Sales up 2.5x from INR 12.3 Cr in Apr-Sep ‘22 to INR 31.0 Cr in Apr-Sep ‘23. Similarly, Net Profit up 4.8x from INR 0.5 Cr to INR 2.6 Cr. On a sequential basis, Sales up 32% and Net Profit flat vs. the previous 6 months.

What are the products and  services of Srivari Spices?

Srivari Spices & Foods Ltd. company specializes in the production and distribution of a diverse range of organic food products, primarily focusing on spices and flour (chakki atta). These products are meticulously crafted to maintain their natural freshness, nutritional value and authenticity. Company’s commitment to using high quality, hand-piked raw materials sets it products apart in terms of taste, aroma and health benefits.

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ESAF Small Finance Bank Ltd.

Recent filing: (TRADING BELOW IPO LISTING PRICE) ESAF Small Finance Bank Ltd.  got listed on the Mainboard on 10th Nov 2023. Shares are currently trading below the listing price, and at a PE of 8.6x.

What are the products and  services of ESAF Small Finance Bank?

With roots of micro-financing business tracing back to 1995, ESAF Small Finance along with its promoters has over 28 years of experience in the Indian MFI space primarily serving the unserved and underserved. Company’s main focus is on unbanked and underbanked customer segments, especially in rural and semi-urban areas, as well as catering to all customer segments

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