Transformers And Rectifiers (India) Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Transformers And Rectifiers (India) Limited?

TRIL offers a variety of products and services for power transmission and distribution. Here's a detailed analysis:

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Power Transformers: TRIL makes power transformers for electricity networks. These transformers help change voltage levels for better power distribution.

Distribution Transformers: Distribution transformers are essential for sending electricity from big power lines to homes, businesses, and factories at lower voltages. TRIL makes distribution transformers for different voltage needs and power levels.

Rectifiers: TRIL makes rectifiers that change AC to DC. Rectifiers are used in industries like electroplating, metal finishing, power supplies, and battery charging.

Servo Voltage Stabilizers: Voltage stabilizers are essential for keeping a steady voltage output and safeguarding electrical equipment from voltage changes. TRIL provides servo voltage stabilizers that accurately control voltage levels to keep sensitive equipment and machinery running smoothly.

Special Purpose Transformers: TRIL makes custom transformers for industries such as steel, cement, railways, and renewable energy. The transformers are designed to meet specific needs, such as withstanding harsh conditions or unique voltage requirements.

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Installation Services: the company makes transformers and rectifiers. They also install these products in customers' electrical systems to ensure they work well and are safe.

Maintenance and Repair: TRIL provides maintenance and repair services for transformers and rectifiers to keep them working well for a long time. Regular maintenance prevents downtime and makes electrical equipment last longer.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Transformers And Rectifiers?

The promotors of Transformers & Rectifiers India Ltd include Jitendra Mamtora, Satyen Mamtora, Bhaskar Sen, Karuna Mamtora, Rakesh Kiri, Subir Kumar Das, Rajendra S Shah, Tanvi Rangwala.

Jitendra Mamtora is the chairman of the company. He graduated in Electrical Engineering Technologies from Kolkata Anglo Gujarati school. Rakesh Kiri is the company secretary of Transformers & Rectifiers India Ltd.

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