Voltamp Transformers Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Voltamp Transformers?

Some of Voltamp Transformers who offer power transmission and distribution products and services include:

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Power Transformers: Voltamp makes power transformers for industries, utilities, and infrastructure projects.

Distribution Transformers: They make transformers that lower high-voltage electricity from power lines for homes and businesses.

Special Application Transformers: Voltamp makes transformers customised for different customer needs, such as rectifiers, furnaces, and earthing transformers.

Dry Type Transformers: These transformers are made for places where oil-filled transformers can't be used or where safety is paramount, like indoors or in sensitive areas.

Substation Solutions: Voltamp offers complete substation solutions, including designing, manufacturing, and installing equipment such as transformers, switchgear, and control systems.

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Transformer Services: They provide services for transformers, such as installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing them to ensure they work well for a long time.

Turnkey Projects: Voltamp does turnkey projects for designing, supplying, and installing complete electrical systems, such as transformers, switchgear, and other equipment.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Voltamp Transformers?

The promotors of Voltamp Transformers Ltd include Kunjal L Patel, Kanubhai S Patel, Hemant P. Shaparia, Sanket Rathod, Taral K. Patel, Jabal Chandravadan Lashkari, Sameer Khera and Visha Suchdeand Roopa Patel. 

Kanubhai S Patel is the chairman and Sanket Rathod is the company secretary of Voltamp Transformers Ltd.

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