Trust Fintech Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Trust Fintech?

Trust Fintech offers a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to the banking and financial sector. Here are the main products and services they provide:

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1. TrustBankCBS: A core banking solution for medium to large banks and financial institutions, offering a unified platform for core, add-ons, and interfaces.

2. MicroFinS: A cloud-based core banking solution for small and growing cooperative societies, Saccos, credit unions, and microfinance institutions.

3. Loan Origination: A web-based interface for the acquisition of loan applications, streamlining the loan origination process.

4. AML (Anti-Money Laundering): A platform that helps financial institutions comply with domestic and international AML requirements.

5. GST Software: A complete end-to-end GST compliance solution.

6. GST Suvidha (GSP API): An API-based solution for GST compliance.

7. ERP Products: Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for various business needs.

8. Fintech API: APIs to enhance financial technology applications.

9. Digital Interface: Solutions for digital banking interfaces and online banking channels.

10. Mobility Apps: Mobile applications for banking services.

11. BFSI Statutory Reports (ADF): Solutions for statutory reporting in the banking sector.

12. Universal Digital Reconciliation: Tools for digital reconciliation processes.

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1. Artificial Intelligence: AI solutions for fraud detection, chatbots, credit appraisals, and robotic process automation.

2. SaaS on Cloud: Software-as-a-service solutions on the cloud, reducing Capex and Opex costs while ensuring high uptime.

3. Outsourced Development Center: Outsourcing development services for various banking and financial needs.

4. Application Development: Custom application development services.

5. Mobile App Development: Development of mobile applications tailored to banking and financial services.

6. SAP B1 Services: Implementation and support for SAP Business One, an ERP solution for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Trust Fintech?

1. Hemant Padmanabh Chafale - Managing Director

He is the Managing Director of Trust Fintech Limited, overseeing the company's strategic direction and overall management. Hemant holds the largest promoter stake in the company, reflecting his pivotal role in its leadership.

2. Sanjay Padmanabha Chafale - Promoter

As a promoter and significant stakeholder, Sanjay contributes to the company's strategic planning and operational management. His involvement supports the company's growth and development initiatives.

3. Heramb Ramkrishna Damle - Promoter

A promoter with a substantial stake, Heramb plays a crucial role in the company's decision-making processes, contributing to its strategic and operational objectives.

4. Anand Shankar Kane - Promoter

Anand is another key promoter, involved in guiding the company's strategic initiatives and ensuring its adherence to market trends and demands.

5. Mandar Kishor Deo - Promoter

As a promoter, Mandar is integral to the company's governance and strategic planning, supporting its vision and long-term goals.

Question 3: Who are the clients of Trust Fintech?

1. Pune People Co-operative Bank Ltd. - They praised the TrustBankCBS platform for its powerful analytics tools and business intelligence capabilities.

2. Muslim Co-op. Bank Ltd. - Commended Trust Fintech for enabling secure and convenient doorstep banking.

3. Kashipur Urban Co-operative Bank Limited - Highlighted the benefits of TrustBankCBS for customer satisfaction and statutory compliance.

4. Vidarbha Merchants Urban Co-Op. Bank - Implemented TrustBankCBS for high service ratings and new technology solutions.

5. International Bank (Liberia) Limited - Appreciated the benefits of TrustBankCBS in enhancing their banking operations.

6. Berendina Micro Investments Company Ltd, Sri Lanka - Found TrustBankCBS beneficial for future planning and customer satisfaction.

7. Cosmos Bank - Used the SoftGST solution for easy GST compliance and reporting.

8. Dena Bank - Utilized SoftGST for vendor and purchase management and GST compliance.

Written by - Vedant Bohat

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